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Thanksgiving Crochet Gonk Outfits

Thanksgiving Gonks Outfit Crochet Patterns

THANKSGIVING CROCHET GONK OUTFITS! So, I’m sure you would have seen by now, Adam Gonk was called out via Facebook. There was a post made by an elementary school teacher, from the kids at her school, asking for Adam Gonk

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Life Before The Internet – A Fun Review

Before the Internet blog

‘Put your name and address on a self addressed envelope, and send it in!’ ‘Just send us a stamped, self addressed envelope…’ Before the internet, television presenters were obsessed with the ‘self addressed envelope’. This was before they could count

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New Crochet Gonk Outfits – The Heroes

Gonk Heroes Crochet Pattern

NEW CROCHET GONK OUTFITS – HEROES! In 1992, the NIMEGU company released, what would become their flag-ship franchise game, GONK HEROES (Full title, GONK HEROES: Working together to keep the world safe). Designed for their 16-bit Superior Nimegu Fun Console

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Crochet Buddy – It’s a Dog!

Crochet Buddy Cute

I got a dog. He doesn’t seem to like me much. When we first met he was all over me, friends for life and all that. But things quickly changed. I know many of you have a Crochet Buddy, and

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Crochet Blogging at Hooked On Patterns

Change at Hooked On Patterns

A new website, designed to look like the old website. We have made significant change, which required a substantial effort, all to make it feel like nothing has changed. Welcome to the future. CROCHET BLOGGING AT HOOKED ON PATTERNS  Creating

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I Love Chocolate

Chocolate Easter Gonk Patterns on The Hook

I LOVE CHOCOLATE I can look at it. Pictures of it. I can scroll through social media, liking photo after photo of it. I like chocolate with hazelnut inside. Whomever first put those ingredients together was a genius. I’m guessing

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The History of Crochet: An Alternative View

A history of crochet Adam Gonk Blog

The history of crochet… According to Adam Gonk Before the dawn of humanity, when the world was young, a Gonk wandered alone upon the dust. From the future, and from an alien world, he had no way to ‘fit in’.

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Bunny Gonk Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Blog Bunny Gonk

A minor retraction So, I’m back. I guess it’s just best to tell you what happened. I went along to the set and met the person purporting to be the director. I was given my costume and a room to

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