Indie Crochet Designers Directory

Indie Crochet Designers Directory

The Best Free Modern Crochet Patterns

Welcome to my Indie Designers Free Crochet Pattern Directory.
A collection of the best free modern crochet patterns from independent designers, sorted into easy to browse categories.

So far, a total of 55 independent designers have contributed to this directory!

Simply click on a design you like, and you’ll be taken directly to the designer’s free pattern blog page, Ravelry download, or YouTube video tutorial.

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Winter Modern Crochet Patterns

Hot new additions…

Cotton Candy Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Cotton Candy Cowl
Sweet Softies

Arctic Gem Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Arctic Gem Beanie
The Loopy Lamb

Puff Triangle Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Puff Triangle Cowl

Free Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

Criss Cross Gloves
Loops & Love Crochet

Kana Wanderers Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Kana Cowl
Sweet Softies

Shelltastic Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Shelltastic Beanie
The Crochet Fix

Boundless Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Boundless Cowl
Yay for Yarn

Ridge Beanie Crochet Pattern

Ridge Beanie
Crochet Kim

Granny Dot Set Crochet Pattern

Granny Dot Set
Dora Does


Shawls, Wraps & Poncho Crochet Patterns

The latest beauties…

Laid Back Lace Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

Lace Wrap
Pretty Peaceful

Many Wonders Ruana Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

Ruana Wrap
Nana’s Crafty Home

Jade Pool Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Jade Pool Scarf
Sweet Softies

Procella Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Procella Shawl
Joy of Motion

Summer Iris Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Summer Iris Shawl
Raidy’s Crochet Corner

Soft Easy Shawl Hearts Pattern - Jar of Hearts

Soft Easy Shawl
Joy of Motion

Candy Shop Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Candy Shop Shawl
Yay for Yarn

Boho Shrug Free Crochet Pattern

Boho Shrug
I Need It Crochet

Bubblegum Fling Shawl Crochet Pattern

Bubblegum Shawl
Crochet Kim

Ladies Clothing Crochet Patterns

Fresh additions…

Free Crochet Dress Patterns: Summer Sunhat Free Crochet Pattern

Summer Sunhat
Yay for Yarn

Free Crochet Dress Patterns: Summer Breeze Dress Crochet Pattern

Summer Breeze Dress
E’Claire Makery

Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns: Comfy Cozy Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Comfy Cardigan
Yay for Yarn

Coralyn Raglan Free Crochet Pattern

Coralyn Raglan

Aprilis Lace Shrug Free Crochet Pattern

Aprilis Shrug
Joy of Motion

Boho Goddess Kimono Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern

Boho Kimono
Itchin’ For Some Stitchin’

Free Women's Crochet Patterns: Easy Summer Tee Crochet Pattern

Easy Summer Tee
Yay for Yarn

Summer's End Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Summer’s End Cardigan
Christa Co Design

Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns: Summer Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Summer Cardigan
Joy of Motion


Bags, Purses & Pouch Crochet Patterns

Great new finds…

Beach Blossoms Market Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Beach Blossoms Bag
The Cozy Chipmunk

Zipper Hook Pouch Crochet Pattern

Zipper Hook Pouch
Loops & Love Crochet

Seamless Bento Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Mesh Bento Bag

Hey Summer Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Hey Summer Tote
Raidy’s Crochet Corner

Zig Zag Zipper Pouch Crochet Pattern

Zig Zag Pouch
Loops & Love Crochet

Everygirl Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Everygirl Bag

Shoreline Seeker Tote Free Crochet Pattern

Shoreline Seeker Tote
The Loopy Lamb

Drawstring Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

Drawstring Pouch
Pattern Princess

Butterfly Wings Bucket Bag Crochet Pattern

Butterfly Bucket Bag
Nana’s Crafty Home


Blankets, Throws & Afghan Crochet Patterns

The latest greatest…

Tunisian Bobble Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Tunisian Bobble
Yarn Hook Needles

Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Thicket Stitch Blanket
The Loopy Lamb

Peaceful Easy Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Peaceful Blanket
Pretty Peaceful

Vintage Vibes Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Vintage Vibes
The Crochet Fix

Alpine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Alpine Blanket
Yarn Hook Needles

Le Ciel Bleu Blanket Crochet Pattern

Le Ciel Bleu

Wrap Me In Sunshine Blanket Crochet Pattern

Wrap me in Sunshine
Nana’s Crafty Home

Hexagon Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Hexagon Blanket
The Blue Elephants

Watercolor Skies Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Watercolor Skies
Yay for Yarn


Home Decor Crochet Patterns

Newly added…

Bobble Stitch Hot Pads Free Crochet Pattern

Bobble Hot Pads
Sarah Faith Crafts

Flower Face Scrubbies Free Crochet Pattern

Flower Face Scrubbies
Lens and Yarn

Fast Track Puff Mat Crochet Pattern

Fast Track Mat

Moss Stitch c2c Washcloth Free Crochet Pattern

Moss Stitch Washcloth
Yay for Yarn

Merry-Go-Round Rug Crochet Pattern

Merry-Go-Round Rug
Sweet Softies

Starburst Daisy Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

Daisy Dishcloth
Lullaby Lodge

Blue Coast Basket Crochet Pattern

Blue Coast Basket
Sweet Softies

Beer Coozie Free Crochet Pattern

Drinks Cozy
Dolson’s Crochet

Chair Socks Free Crochet Pattern

Chair Socks
Knitting with Chopsticks


Decorative, Appliques & Motif Crochet Patterns

Latest additions…

Teddy Bear Applique Free Crochet Pattern

Teddy Applique
Kerri’s Crochet

Granny Flower Hexagons Free Crochet Pattern

Granny Flower Hexagons
Lullaby Lodge

Peaceful Hands Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

Peaceful Wall Hanging
Pretty Peaceful

Daisy Granny Squares Free Crochet Pattern

Daisy Squares
Lullaby Lodge

Small Flower Applique Free Crochet Pattern

Flower Applique
Crochet ‘n’ Create

Rainbow Colored Bows Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Bows
Jennae’s DIY Studio

Poppy Flower Crochet Pattern

Poppy Flower
Thoresby Cottage

Free Star Portal Square Crochet Pattern

Star Portal Square
Crochet Instinct

Laurel Square Crochet Pattern

Laurel Square
Verve Crochet Art

Leilani Doily Crochet Pattern

Leilani Doily
Verve Crochet Art

Kids & Baby Crochet Patterns

The newest cutest…

American Belle Kids Free Crochet Pattern

Belle Tutu Top
The Yarn that Binds Us

Happy Feet Baby Socks Crochet Pattern

Happy Baby Socks
Knitting with Chopsticks

Baby Springtime Beanie Crochet Pattern

Springtime Baby Beanie
Sweet Softies

Bunny Lovey Crochet Pattern

Bunny Lovey
Sweet Softies

Simple Baby Beanie Crochet Pattern

Simple Baby Beanie
Sweet Softies

Bubbly Baby Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Bubbly Baby Cardigan
Knitting with Chopsticks

Kitty Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

Kitty Lovey
Loops & Love Crochet

Free Toy Hammock Crochet Pattern

Toy Hammock
Cosy Crochet

Ribbed Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

Ribbed Booties
Krazy Kabbage

Bouquet Baby Top Crochet Pattern

Baby Bouquet Top
Crochet Kim

Free Unicorn Headband Crochet Pattern

Unicorn Headband
Made with Love & Yarn

Toys & Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Latest stuffies…

Worry Pet Free Crochet Pattern

Worry Pet
Sweet Softies

Giraffe Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Giraffe Amigurumi
Jen Hayes Creations

Sammy the Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

Sammy the Sheep
The Blue Elephants

Crochet Cupcake Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Cupcake
Loops & Love Crochet

Cactus Couple Free Crochet Pattern

Cactus Couple
Sweet Softies

Sammy the Seal Free Crochet Pattern

Sammy the Seal

Honu the Sea Turtle Free Crochet Pattern

Sea Turtle
Loops & Love Crochet

Chubby Manatee Free Crochet Pattern

Chubby Manatee
Hooked by Kati

Sheep Ragdoll Free Crochet Pattern

Sheep Ragdoll


Christmas & Holiday Crochet Patterns

Angel Bunny Crochet Pattern

Angel Bunny
The Cozy Chipmunk

Gnome for Christmas C2C Crochet Pattern

Christmas Gnome C2C
Nana’s Crafty Home

Free Baby Snowman Crochet Pattern

Baby Snowman
Sweet Softies

Christmas Wreath Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

Wreath Scrubbie
The Crafty Review

Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Xmas Tree Skirt
Stitch In Progress

Christmas Tree Bunny Crochet Pattern

Christmas Bunny
The Cozy Chipmunk

Elf Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Loops & Love Crochet

American Flag Placemat & Napkin Ring Crochet Pattern

American Flag Placeset
Nana’s Crafty Home

Carter the Carrot Crochet Pattern

Carter the Carrot
The Loopy Lamb

Bunny Egg Cosy Crochet Pattern

Bunny Egg Cosy
Thoresby Cottage

Spiral Easter Egg Crochet Pattern

Spiral Easter Egg
Krazy Kabbage

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