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A Gonks Journey – Free Gonk Outfits

Make the free outfit crochet patterns along the way in A Gonk’s Journey


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You will need my original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to use as the base. Please support me by making your purchase from this website or straight from Ravelry or Etsy. Thank you!

A Gonks Journey: Becoming Santa Gonk

A Gonks Journey Free Crochet Patterns

Once upon a time there was a Gonk. Let’s call him Adam. Here you can follow his journey, going through trials and explorations before finally becoming Santa. Along the journey you will find 13 free clothing outfit and accessories crochet patterns for Santa Gonk.

a gonks journey - crochet gonks

A Gonks Journey: Gonk’s Big Day Out

A Gonks Journey A Big day our Free Crochet Patterns

A Gonk’s Journey continues with A Big Day Out (Part 2). Now you know how Adam became Santa Gonk, you can join him for his epic day trips. You will find free crochet patterns for Gonk clothing and accessories to complement the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern.

Free Crochet Gonks Ling Ryan DayOut

A Gonks Journey: When Stars Align

Groom and Bride Gonk - Wedding photoA Gonk’s Journey continues with When Stars Align (Part 3). Adam and Eve get married, and the adventure starts there! You will find free crochet patterns for Gonk clothing and accessories to complement the original Santa Gonk and Eve Gonk crochet patterns.

A Gonks Journey: Eve’s Wardrobe

Christmas Eve Free crochet patterns

Eve Gonk is the companion for Adam Gonk. Eve has her own collection of outfits and accessories that are kept in her wardrobe. In Eve’s wardrobe you will find free outfit crochet patterns to fit the original Christmas Eve Gonk crochet pattern.


Adam Gonk meshed with Santa Gonk A large mesh of crochet gonk and comic gonk strips


About A Gonks Journey

In short, A Gonk’s Journey is a story based Crochet Along. It is a fictional fairytale about how Adam became Santa. Free crochet patterns can be found at the end of each chapter. The free crochet patterns are outfits for our Santa Gonk crochet pattern.

A Gonk’s Journey was an opportunity for us to be creative in developing fun new crochet patterns, supported by a magical environment.

Bunny Doll Free Crochet Pattern

All of the clothing and accessories are designed to be interchangeable so that you do not need to keep making the Gonks.
Of course, you could choose to make a Gonk for each outfit, adjusting body colours to suit. Guidance is given on doing so to match each outfit.
Bulky/UK Chunky weight yarn was used to make the Gonk. Accessories have also been made using Bulky/UK Chunky yarn or 2 strands of DK for the equivalent yarn weight, allowing the mixing of colours for different effects. You can make your Gonk using any yarn weight, just keep to the same yarn weight when making your accessories to keep to the right size scale.

Enjoy the Journey!

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      As with all of the outfits, you use the same size hook as you used for your Gonk base. This will keep everything scaled to fit your own Gonk. The Gonks can be made in any yarn weight with a suitable hook size recommended for the yarn.


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