Free Crochet Gonk Outfits in A Big Day Out

Free crochet Gonk outfits in A Big Day Out
A Gonk’s Journey, P
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free crochet gonk - A Gonks Journey Big DayA Gonk’s Journey continues.
Now you know how Adam became Santa Gonk, you can join him on his Big Day Out. You will find free crochet patterns for Gonk clothing and accessories to complement the original Santa Gonk pattern which can be purchased here, or at Ravelry


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Cupid Gonk outfit, free crochet Gonk

free crochet gonk - Cupid Gonk

Gonk free crochet patterns- Free Cupid Gonk Hooked On Patterns

A valentine’s Day Special – Free Cupid Gonk crochet pattern.
The team came up with photographers today and told me what I’d be wearing – which is not much. Told me it’s “one for the ladies”. I wish they’d have given me advance warning, I could’ve done some sit-ups.


Transport Gonks and Biker Gonk outfits, free crochet Gonk

free crochet gonk - Transport Gonk

Gonk free crochet patterns

Free Biker Gonk crochet outfit and introducing the Transport crew, including Pilot, Astronaut and Racer Gonks.

Purchase the entire Transport Crew PDF  download including outfits for Pilot, Astronaut, Racer & Biker for only £1.50


Bunny Gonk outfit, free crochet Gonk

free crochet gonk Bunny

Gonk free crochet patterns - Bunny Gonk Crochet Pattern

Free Bunny Easter Rabbit Gonk outfit crochet pattern.

You can read Adams funny story about how he came to be Bunny Gonk over on the blog


Free Fireman, and Gonk Heroes outfits

Crochet Heroes Gonks A Gonks Journey - free crochet gonk

Gonk Heroes Fireman Free Crochet Pattern 160

Free Fireman outfit for Santa Gonk. Check out the blog to find out how we came across the Heroes. 

If you would like the Army Gonk, Police Gonk and Navy Gonk, please support us by purchasing a copy of the Gonk Heroes PDF Pack for only £1.50.

Also available from our Ravelry store. Thank you.

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