Pixel Heart Pillow Free Valentine Crochet Pattern

Free Pixel Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Say “I Love You to Bits” to your Valentine with my FREE Pixel Heart Pillow crochet pattern!

This would also make a fantastic birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one. Especially for gaming fans.

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Free Halloween Amigurumi Eyeball Crochet Pattern

Free Halloween Amigurumi Eyeball Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Welcome to my free amigurumi Halloween eyeball crochet pattern, a super fun and creepy crochet project for this spooky time of year.

The days are getting shorter, there’s a delightful chill in the air, and store shelves are filled with pumpkin-spiced everything and that can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner!

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Easter Chocolate Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Free Easter Chocolate Bunny Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Create my delicious-looking Easter chocolate bunny with this no-sew FREE crochet pattern!

These crocheted bunnies will make fab gifts for Easter as alternatives to chocolate treats. Or they can be made in any colour as soft toys or nursery decor.

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Free Crochet Reindeer Baubles (Christmas Pattern)

Crochet some adorable Reindeer Baubles for your Christmas tree, or as little festive gifts, with this free crochet pattern!

These Reindeer Baubles are quick and easy to crochet, making them perfect as classroom or workplace gifts, or Christmas craft stall fillers.

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Free Honeycomb Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern

Free Honeycomb Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern Featured Image

This gorgeously textured free beanie hat crochet pattern is made up of a simple 2-round stitch pattern repeat creating a honeycomb effect.

This free crochet pattern is for a unisex adult-sized beanie hat, comfortably fitting a head circumference between 20 to 23 inches (Adult Small-Large), measuring 9.5″ in height.

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Free Summer Bag Crochet Pattern (Small Floretta Bag, Purse & Case)

A close up view of the Floretta Summer Bag containing a phone, keys, and purse

This adorable small summer bag is perfect for carrying your daily essentials during hot weather, and bonus, it’s a free crochet pattern!

No more having to lug around a large handbag in the heat, or making sure your cute summer outfit has pockets.

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Crochet Daffodil Pattern Free (Easter & St David’s Flowers)

A close up view of 3 crochet daffodils.

Nothing says Springtime better than the spouting of daffodils. In celebration of the new season approaching, I’m going to share a crochet daffodil pattern for free!

I just love the freshness and excitement that Spring brings. Stick around, and I’ll show you how to crochet my cute daffodil flowers.

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Free Mini Desktop/Tabletop Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

A close up image of 3 tabletop crochet Christmas trees

Decorate your home or workplace with a festive mini tabletop Christmas tree, with this free crochet pattern.

These Christmas trees are worked from the top down and can be made to any height. They are constructed as hollow cones, so no stuffing is required!

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