Crochet Tools and More

Crochet tools and More

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This page homes all the other crochet tools and resources we have here at Hooked On Patterns. 
Alongside our crochet patterns, our featured crochet story A Gonk’s Journey, we also have a crochet blog. In addition we have crochet charts and printable tags and labels.


 Conversion charts – Crochet tools

Handy conCrochet tools - Crochet Conversion chartsversion charts for different yarn weights in US and UK terms. Ladies clothing sizes also available. 


Printable tags and labels – Crochet tools

Crochet tools - Free Product Tags and LabelsA selection of free printable tags and labels to give a professional finish when selling or gifting crocheted/handmade items. You will also find useful WIP cards, ‘I’m not lost’ tags and price tags for craft fairs.