Thanksgiving Crochet Gonk Outfits

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So, I’m sure you would have seen by now, Adam Gonk was called out via Facebook. There was a post made by an elementary school teacher, from the kids at her school, asking for Adam Gonk to star in their Thanksgiving play. This post kinda went a bit viral, it received over 8 thousand likes, comments, and shares!

Thanksgiving Crochet Gonk Outfits

Of course, Adam couldn’t ignore this plea, and with a little encouragement from us at Hooked On Patterns, he agreed. I also offered my services as costume designer for his part. Adam assumed that he would just be making a cameo appearance in the play, little did he know, he was expected to perform a one Gonk show! Well, it was too late to back out now.

Adam has been busy rehearsing, while I have been busy with his costumes. He’ll be playing the part of a Pilgrim, a Native, a Turkey and a Pumpkin! I’m not sure how that will work, but hey, that’s what they wanted and we won’t be letting the kids down. 

You can find the Pumpkin Gonk outfit for free online as part of A Gonk’s Journey: Gonk’s Day Out. The pumpkin outfit would be great for Halloween too, I have included an example for adding a face for a Jack O’Lantern. They would also be cute just as Autumn/Fall decorations.

You can support us by purchasing the complete Thanksgiving Gonks PDF download containing all 4 outfit patterns with accompanying photos, plus separate image free printer friendly version. So that you can reenact your own Thanksgiving story!

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