Cupid Gonk Free Crochet Pattern – Toy Clothes

Cupid Gonk free crochet pattern – Toy clothes

Please remember, you will still need the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories. You can purchase your copy here, Santa Gonk, or via our Ravelry store.

Cupid Gonk free crochet pattern

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Stitches and terms

Magic Ring (mr), Skip (sk), Chain (ch), Slip Stitch (sl st), Single Crochet (sc), Half Double Crochet (hdc), Double Crochet (dc) Treble Crochet (trc) – yo twice, hook through and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), yo and pull through 2 a total of 3 times. Double Treble Crochet (dtr) – yo 3 times, hook through and pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), yo and pull through 2 a total of 4 times.

Invisible Join – Technique used for fastening off rounds to give a smooth finish without a visible slip stitch knot – cut yarn and pull end through the last stitch, use your yarn needle to thread the end through the next stitch along and back into the middle of the last stitch, pull tight to bring the 2 stitches together and secure at the back of work. Instructions shown in [ ] are to be worked in the same stitch/place.


Cupid Gonk free crochet patternBase: Use a Nude Gonk for your base. Follow the Santa Gonk pattern for making the main body and arms using flesh colour yarn. You can just work these in continuous rounds instead of joining at the end of each round as they will only be in on colour.

Work the nose as in the pattern, joining at end of rounds. I added more definition to the nose by pinching it into shape and stitched on a couple of nostrils. As you will not be making a hat, find the position for the nose by lining up the top of the nose under the 8th round from top. Attach the arms on either side under the 10th round from top. Add hair to the head using the same technique as for the beard. I have used 3 strands of thinner yarn (DK) in different shades of Yellow for a flowing blonde effect. I added nipples on mine by tying a piece of dark pink yarn around a stitch post of the body and tucking in the ends.

Loincloth – Cupid toy free crochet pattern

Cupid Gonk free crochet patternI have use White yarn, you can use any colour you prefer. Start by chaining 48,
sl st in the second ch from hook, sc, hdc, ch1 and sl st into next ch, sk 1ch, 2sc, hdc, dc, tr x31, dc, hdc, 2sc, sk 1ch, sl st and ch1, hdc, sc, sl st, fasten off leaving a long tail. Weave in to hide the starting end.

Thread your yarn needle on to the tail end and feed it back along 4 stitches to the previous sl st position. Bring the other end around and overlap at the thinner points, fold the bottom end up and over behind the top end piece to ‘tie’ the ends. Use the yarn tail to tack the 2 end tips together to hold in place. Simply pull the loincloth over the base of Gonk to fit.

Wings – Cupid Gonk free crochet pattern

The instructions for the left and right wings will differ to reflect the design. They will then be joined together and will fit on to your Gonk by straps. Work in continuous rounds using a stitch marker to keep your first st. Use White yarn for the wings.

Left wing

Angel wings crochet patternStart with a magic ring,
R1. sc x6 into mr, pull ring closed (6)
R2. inc x6 (12)
R3. sc, inc, sc, inc, sc and ch6, [dtr, trc], [trc, dc], [dc, hdc], hdc, sc x2, inc, fasten off with an invisible join into the first sc, weave in ends (total of 25 stitches around including ch6)

Right wing

Start with a magic ring,
R1. sc x6 into mr, pull ring closed (6)
R2. inc x6 (12)
R3. inc, sc x2, hdc, [hdc, dc], [dc, trc], [trc, dtr], ch6 and sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, fasten off with an invisible join into the first sc, weave in ends (total of 25 stitches around including ch6)

Join and straps

Cupid Gonk free crochet patternPlace the back of the wings together. You will have 2sc, sc, 2sc at the back most side of both wings, match up the middle 3 stitches of each. We will join the wings together by working into the back loops only of these 3 stitches while also making the straps. I have used a golden Yellow colour for my straps, you may use any colour you prefer.
Join yarn to the top of the 3 stitches. ch32, bring the chain around to the front of wings and sl st into the bottom of the 3 stitches, sl st into the middle stitch and the top stitch again. ch32, bring the chain around again and sl st into the bottom stitch to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To fit on to your Gonk, cross the straps over each other to make a X in the front. Pull over your Gonk’s head and feed the arms through the bottom straps to make the X across the front of body.

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Heart – Cupid toy free crochet pattern

Cupid Gonk free crochet patternYou can have your Gonk simply hold the heart in between his hands, or you can make a balloon by attaching wire to the heart. I have used some garden wire, you can use any type of wire you find suitable. Using Red yarn, start with a magic ring,
R1. sc x4 into mr, pull ring closed (4)
R2. sc, inc, sc, inc (6)
R3. sc, inc, sc x2, inc, sc (8)
R4. sc x2, inc, sc x3, inc, sc (10)
R5. sc x2, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x2 (12)
R6. sc x2, inc x2, sc x4, inc x2, sc x2 (16)
R7. sc x2, inc, sc x2, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x2, inc, sc x2 (20)
R8. sk10, sc x10 (10)
R9. dec x5 (5) Cupid Gonk free crochet patternfasten off. Use your yarn needle to weave the end through the front loops of the last stitches and pull to close. Weave in end. First top finished. If you want to make a balloon, follow the instructions below. If you just want a stuffed heart, skip to R10..

Balloon Cupid Gonk free crochet pattern

Cut a length of wire approximately twice the height of your Gonk and fold in half. Hold the folded end and give the 2 halves a few twists to hold them together. Feed the folded end through the opening and out the middle of the starting magic ring. Open out the ends, making a V shape, and bend the tips to round the ends over. Pull the V into the heart base and continue on to R10..

R10. Fill this top and the base with toy stuffing up to the opening. Join yarn to the middle of the opening at the base of the first top section, sc x10 along the skipped sts of R8. (10)
R11. dec x5 (5) Fasten off, finish stuffing the heart through the small opening before weaving the end through the fronts loops to close off. Weave in end.

Attaching the Heart


Cupid Gonk free crochet patternBend the tip of the wire end over to make a hook shape. Hook this end through a front edge stitch of the arm, around half way down. On the inner arm, a few rows up from the tip, enter this hook tip. Pull it upwards to feed it inside the arm and then push it down to rest the curve of the hook on the inside of the hand. The balloon should now balance upright easily when standing your Gonk.


Cupid Gonk free crochet patternTake a length of Red yarn and thread it through the middle of the back and out the side of the heart at the widest point. Thread through the inner right hand of your Gonk, and back into the heart at the same point. Thread through the heart to the other side and repeat with the Gonk’s left hand. Bring the yarn out at the same starting middle position, pull the yarn to position the heart comfortably in between the hands and tie the ends. Cut excess and hide the ends inside the heart.

Lace Cardigan Crochet PatternCongratulations!
You have completed the Cupid Gonk free crochet pattern

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