Adam’s Big Break – Creative Writing

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Adam's Big Break - Creative Writing


Adam Gonk Crochet Blog Hooked On PatternsHi everyone, Adam Gonk here.

​The Chief Editor of this blog, the lead literary composer, and also an iconic actor most notably known for the fantasy adventure called A Gonk’s Journey. A model, a muse, the best of the Gonkgian tribe, the singer and the songwriter. Finally, according to my agent, a rising star!

Now the introduction is out of the way, I can get to the great news I have to share.

Let me start from the beginning, it was Tuesday 28th February. I had just finished my 300 sit-ups for the day and was getting ready for bed. Unexpectedly my agent got in contact. He had a gig for me! Finally, I was being offered a role befitting an actor of my prominence.

I can tell you, the role is the lead in an action adventure movie. I’m comfortable with that and have, of course, significant experience of carrying a production.
It’s a fun movie, but also a study of behaviour. It is about how one deals with the changing nature of one’s appearance. I will be a normal, everyday Gonk, who over time transitions into a large furry creature. It sounds like an amalgamation of The Incredible Shrinking Man, and the movie, Harvey.

I will be, with my vast experience of playing multiple characters, well within my element. I can see why they picked me. I expect I was head-hunted. The production team discarding Hollywood actors, one by one, as they simmered down to the right person for the role. Until there was just me.

Adam's Big Break - Creative Writing
Adam Gonk, the headshots – with autographs

I told my agent that I would take the job. He said they already had a preliminary contract. It even includes free lunch for me. That let me know how serious they were about getting me on board. As you can tell, I’m pretty chuffed about it all. Smile when you can is what I say!

I’m not going to let it go to my head. I’ll stay cool. When I’m famous I’ll be the same Gonk as I am today.

Adam's Big Break - Creative Writing Adam's Big Break - Creative Writing

I have taken the liberty of uploading the two images above. They may be worth some money in future.

​I would also like to give early warning that, should all go well, I’ll be moving on.

Look out for me on the big screen.
To be honest, I was always destined for stardom. But enough about me.

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The Incredible Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson – Harvey, Universal International Pictures

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  1. I Absolutely Love this site, Ling Ryan, a talented lady who I feel I know personally and that I’m part of Adams family xxx?❤️

  2. Thank you Coreen, we’re very happy to have you! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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