Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

Patterns to make amigurumi animals, dolls, and other toys

A collection of the best free amigurumi crochet patterns available from independent designers across the web. Browse through to find free pattern designs for toy animals, dolls, fairy-tale & fantasy creatures, plush foods and other stuffed toys!

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This directory is continuously updated with more free patterns, including brand new pattern releases!

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Crochet Patterns for Toy Animals

Land Animals:

Thumbnail image of the Two Headed Flip Around Bunny free crochet pattern

Two Headed Bunny
Anvi’s Granny

Thumbnail image of the Bobble Sheep free crochet pattern

Bobble Sheep
Jen Hayes Creations

Thumbnail image of the Bixie the Bunny free crochet pattern

Bixie the Bunny
Chai Coffee Crochet

Thumbnail image of the Baby Fox and Wolf free crochet pattern

Baby Fox & Wolf
The Burgundy Basket

Thumbnail image of the Baby Mouse free crochet pattern

Baby Mouse
Sweet Softies

Thumbnail image of the Flip Flop Bunny free crochet pattern

Flip Flop Bunny
Darling Maple Designs

Thumbnail image of the Lonny the Lamb free crochet pattern

Lonny the Lamb
The Burgundy Basket

Thumbnail image of the Maisy the Monkey free crochet pattern

Maisy the Monkey
Stitch by Fay

Sunny the Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

Sunny the Sheep
Underground Crafter

Elzo the Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Elzo the Elephant
Chai Coffee Crochet

Koala Keychain Free Crochet Pattern

Koala Keychain
The Loopy Lamb

Cottage Garden Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Cottage Garden Bunny
Jen Hayes Creations

Buttons the Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Buttons the Bunny
The Loopy Lamb

Peyton the Polar Bear Free Crochet Pattern

Peyton the Polar Bear
Sweet Softies

Small Horses Free Crochet Pattern

Small Horses
Jen Hayes Creations

Tammy the Turtle Free Crochet Pattern

Tammy the Turtle
Pine Tree Crochet

Pumpkin Patch Bear Free Crochet Pattern

Pumpkin Patch Bear
Crochet To Play

Puppy Dog Free Crochet Pattern

Puppy Dog
Jen Hayes Creations

Teddy at the Beach Free Crochet Pattern

Teddy at the Beach
The Cozy Chipmunk

Angel Bunny Crochet Pattern

Angel Bunny
The Cozy Chipmunk

Giraffe Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Giraffe Amigurumi
Jen Hayes Creations

Sammy the Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

Sammy the Sheep
The Blue Elephants

Simple Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Simple Cat
Hooked On Patterns

Christmas Tree Bunny Crochet Pattern

Christmas Bunny
The Cozy Chipmunk

Sheep Ragdoll Free Crochet Pattern

Sheep Ragdoll

Snuggles the Bear Crochet Pattern

Snuggles the Bear
The Cozy Chipmunk

Ladybug Bear Crochet Pattern

Ladybug Bear
The Cozy Chipmunk

Sea Animals:

Juniper the Jellyfish Free Crochet Pattern

Juniper the Jellyfish
Sweet Softies

Wanda the Whale and Ned the Narwhal Free Crochet Pattern

Whale & Narwhal
The Loopy Lamb

Whale Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Whale Amigurumi
Loops & Love Crochet

Sammy the Seal Free Crochet Pattern

Sammy the Seal

Honu the Sea Turtle Free Crochet Pattern

Sea Turtle
Loops & Love Crochet

Chubby Manatee Free Crochet Pattern

Chubby Manatee
Hooked by Kati

Winged Animals:

Thumbnail image of the Pocket Pal Ladybug free crochet pattern

Pocket Pal Ladybug
Darling Maple Designs

Thumbnail image of the Pocket Pal Bee free crochet pattern

Pocket Pal Bee
Darling Maple Designs

Bob and Betty Bird Free Crochet Pattern

Bob and Betty
The Loopy Lamb

Sir Batwington Free Bat Crochet Pattern

Sir Batwington
Sweet Softies

Owl Bean Free Crochet Pattern

Owl Bean
Sweet Softies

Feathered Owl Crochet Pattern

Feathered Owl
Hooked On Patterns

Regal the Peacock Crochet Pattern

Regal the Peacock
Hooked by Kati

Chirp the Chick Crochet Pattern

Chirp the Chick
The Cozy Chipmunk

Amigurumi Doll Free Patterns

Thumbnail image of the Unicorn Pixie free crochet pattern

Unicorn Pixie
Sweet Softies

Thumbnail image of the Zayd Boy Doll crochet pattern

Zayd Boy Doll
Chai Coffee Crochet

Thumbnail image of the Floyd and Flora Scarecrows crochet pattern

The Burgundy Basket

Thumbnail image of the Sammy Doll crochet pattern

Sammy Doll
The Burgundy Basket

Thumbnail image of the Delaney Doll crochet pattern

Delaney Doll
The Burgundy Basket

A thumbnail photo of the Suki the School Girl Doll crochet pattern

School Girl Doll
Sweet Softies

Nurse Pixie Free Crochet Pattern

Nurse Pixie
Sweet Softies

Posable Santa Free Crochet Pattern

Posable Santa
Cosy Crochet

Whimsy the Halloween Witch Girl

Whimsy the Witch
Sweet Softies

Baby Bean Human Body Doll Base Free Crochet Pattern

Baby Bean Doll Base
Sweet Softies

Hazel the Happy Witch Free Crochet Pattern

Hazel the Witch
Loops & Love Crochet

Ollie the Elf Free Crochet Pattern

Ollie the Elf
The Blue Elephants

Elf Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Loops & Love Crochet

Christmas Fairy Tree Topper Free Crochet Pattern

Fairy Tree Topper
The Crafty Therapist

Fairy Doll Crochet Pattern

Fairy Doll
Jenny Miller Artistry

Patterns for Fairy-tale & Fantasy Creatures

Thumbnail image of the Pink Love Alien free crochet pattern

Pink Love Alien

Thumbnail image of the Zoya the amigurumi mermaid doll free crochet pattern

Zoya Mermaid doll
Chai Coffee Crochet

Woodland Leaf Fairy Free Crochet Pattern

Woodland Leaf Fairy
Sweet Softies

Uni Queen the Amigurumi Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Uni Queen Unicorn
Tiny Curl

Aurora the Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Aurora the Unicorn
The Blue Elephants

Murdock the Kelpie Free Crochet Pattern

Murdock the Kelpie
Hooked by Kati

Vincent the Dragon Free Crochet Pattern

Vincent the Dragon
Hooked by Kati

Ronald the Gingerbread Man Free Crochet Pattern

Ronald the Gingerbread
The Blue Elephants

Baby Ghostie Free Crochet Pattern

Baby Ghostie
Sweet Softies

Free Purple Monster Crochet Pattern

Purple Monster
Hooked On Patterns

Coral the Mermaid Crochet Pattern

Coral Mermaid
Sweet Softies

Quirky Puppy Crochet Pattern

Quirky Puppy
Reny’s Place

Free Play Food Crochet Patterns

Thumbnail image of the Kitty Cat Macaron free crochet pattern

Kitty Cat Macaron
Sweet Softies

Thumbnail image of the Tiny Baby Donut free crochet pattern

Tiny Baby Donut
Sweet Softies

Thumbnail image of the Large Carrots free crochet pattern

Large Carrots
Jen Hayes Creations

Thumbnail image of the Mushroom Buddy free crochet pattern

Mushroom Buddy
Stitch by Fay

Thumbnail image of the Amigurumi Strawberries free crochet pattern

Amigurumi Strawberries

A thumbnail photo of the Hamburger and Sandwich free crochet pattern

Hamburger and Sandwich
The Burgundy Basket

Bunny Rabbit Strawberry Cupcake Free Crochet Pattern

Bunny Cupcake
Sweet Softies

Unicorn Cupcake Free Crochet Pattern

Unicorn Cupcake
Sweet Softies

Cottage Garden Tomato Free Crochet Pattern

Garden Tomato
Jen Hayes Creations

Cottage Garden Carrots Free Crochet Pattern

Cottage Garden Carrots
Jen Hayes Creations

Cottage Garden Cabbage Free Crochet Pattern

Cottage Garden Cabbage
Jen Hayes Creations

Stacking Pumpkins Free Crochet Pattern

Stacking Pumpkins
Krissys OTM Crochet

Amigurumi Candy Corn Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Candy Corn
Grace and Yarn

Free Baby Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Baby Pumpkin
Sweet Softies

Crochet Cupcake Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Cupcake
Loops & Love Crochet

Carter the Carrot Crochet Pattern

Carter the Carrot
The Loopy Lamb

Free Adorable Apple Crochet Pattern

Adorable Apple
Crochet Wizzard

Free Rustic Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Rustic Pumpkin
Yarn + Chai

BBQ Play Food Free Crochet Pattern

BBQ Play Food
Made with Love & Yarn

Free Crochet Patterns for Stuffed Toys

Thumbnail image of the Tulip Amigurumi free crochet pattern

Tulip Amigurumi
Stitch by Fay

Thumbnail image of the Rainbow Cloud Lanyard free crochet pattern

Rainbow Cloud Lanyard

Sweet Spring Tulip Bulb Free Crochet Pattern

Sweet Spring Tulip Bulb
Sweet Softies

Flower Gal & Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Flower Gal & Bee
Tiny Curl

Worry Pet Free Crochet Pattern

Worry Pet
Sweet Softies

Cactus Couple Free Crochet Pattern

Cactus Couple
Sweet Softies

Free Baby Snowman Crochet Pattern

Baby Snowman
Sweet Softies

Spiral Easter Egg Crochet Pattern

Spiral Easter Egg
Krazy Kabbage

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