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Crochet blogging - Change at Hooked On Patterns

Hooked On Patterns crochet patterns - Adam Gonk Crochet BlogA new website, designed to look like the old website.

We have made significant change, which required a substantial effort, all to make it feel like nothing has changed. Welcome to the future.


Creating a new website is not the sort of topic that garners organic crochet blogging. Nobody really wants to know, and that is understandable, it really isn’t that interesting. Unless you have spent the hours moving the text, resizing the images, designing the page, formatting the pages, re-designing the page, re-formatting the pages, changing over the domain, enjoying the pleasant 404-page not found page, and generally hoped that Google doesn’t treat momentary bad behaviour as an indication of long-term intent – well then it’s all kinda irrelevant.

The experience was a bit like maths homework – assuming you don’t like Math and it was a lot of homework. Like summer holidays, but just before you break-up, at end of the last class, the teacher starts handing out those blue Math books. The ones with the little squares. Then you get a large glossy paperback ‘study’ book to go along with it.
Stuff from the ‘study’ book would have to end up in the Math book – somehow – in the time between leaving that day, and returning after the summer holidays. I digress.

When we made ‘A Gonk’s Journey’ in 2016, we attempted to optimise it for the internet, but it was not nearly enough -optimisationating. It resulted in some slow load times for the offending pages.
It’s funny, as I can remember the days of real slow load times. When just connecting to the internet required luck, patience and the ability to endure the screeching and eeking.
Should one make it to the place where the world connected, one would fear losing connection and going through the process again. The large Gonk images wouldn’t have worked in 1995.

Why did those old modems make that noise? Did the sound, when sent down the phone line, tell the World Wide Web that we sought admittance?
I could search the before mentioned for an answer, but on this occasion I will let it go. I will leave it, an unanswered question, just sitting on the internet. Like a rat, tat, ta-tat-tat…. Don’t do it.

I’m enthused about the new website and hope it will preform well, but alas, even I am not too interested in the terminology once transcribed to paper. The idea is that the site loads quicker. Also, we now have HTTPS, SSL. Meaning you can securely access the website using HTTPS; There are other good things, but I won’t go over all of them here. 


To mark the new website, we have a new crochet pattern – Tortoise & Turtle Coaster Set. Check out the last blog entry, which includes a very cool video, showing you exactly what it does.

The video itself is also available on our new YouTube channel; Hooked On Patterns.

At the core, crochet, and crochet pattern support is what we do. It is important to us that our patterns provide all the detail required to re-create the items in the photos.
We also have not forgotten A Gonk’s Journey which is next on the list for an update.

We have some plans for more free crochet patterns which will be exclusive to this blog – coming soon.

Finally, thank you for joining us at our new home, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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