Free St. Patrick’s Day Gonk Outfit Pattern

Free St. Patrick's Day Gonk Outfit Crochet Pattern

FREE GONK LEPRECHAUN CROCHET PATTERN Please help me by using the share buttons above! I have created a new outfit for our resident Crochet Along doll; Santa Gonk – A Gonk’s Journey has returned! With St. Patrick’s Day only a month away, Adam Gonk is preparing for the celebrations. We have just finalised the measurements of his … Read more

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Hooked On Patterns gets up to 200k views per month and has a good social media presence. I’m looking for designers to feature on my blog. Sharing a free pattern on Hooked On Patterns will be a good opportunity for you to gain exposure and improve your reach. The post will include a backlink to … Read more

Thanksgiving Crochet Gonk Outfits

THANKSGIVING CROCHET GONK OUTFITS! So, I’m sure you would have seen by now, Adam Gonk was called out via Facebook. There was a post made by an elementary school teacher, from the kids at her school, asking for Adam Gonk to star in their Thanksgiving play. This post kinda went a bit viral, it received … Read more

Life Before The Internet – A Fun Review

‘Put your name and address on a self addressed envelope, and send it in!’ ‘Just send us a stamped, self addressed envelope…’ Before the internet, television presenters were obsessed with the ‘self addressed envelope’. This was before they could count telephone calls, and before the internet. When television was the great communications innovation. I can … Read more