My Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits!

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Top 5 Gonk Crochet Patterns

Last Friday saw the release of my new Gonk outfit crochet patterns; Gonk Heroes. I thought it would be a good time to review all of his clothing and pick my favourite top 5 crochet Gonk outfits.

I thought that picking a top 5 would be an easy task, but it was much harder than anticipated!

This is my personal list, based on what I had fun making, how I thought it came out, and just what I like. I would be intrigued and grateful to view your favourites list. Which have you made up, or plan to make? I’ll remind you at the end and hopefully you’ll let me know!


The list is in ranking order – meaning that my current favourite is at number 1. This list may surprise you, at least my number 1 may. 

All of the outfits in A Gonk’s Journey are among the selection pool. Excluded from my possible list is the original Santa Gonk. With that, lets remind ourselves of the options: 

All the Gonks Crochet

Here we go – in decending order!


Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits -Pirate Gonk Crochet Pattern

Pirate Gonk (free) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Becoming Santa.

This makes my list because I love the way the Pirate hat and Jacket came out. It was the first outfit to have real detail, which was a fun challenge. I also had a lot of fun with his beard and hair.  Pirate Gonk is partially cool looking and had to make my list.

Top 5 Gonks - Pirate Ship Crochet Pattern


Top 5 Gonks - Pilot Gonk Crochet Pattern

Pilot Gonk (premium) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Gonk’s Day Out (Transport Gonks).

I remember creating his outfit and the goggles, which took a lot of work to perfect. I tend to analyse images related to the outfit I am designing for the Gonk. I study the pictures and try to reduce what I’m seeing, scaling it down to Gonk size. Pilot Gonk’s moustache suits the outfit perfectly. The result of the entire ‘get up’ is of a slightly serious, fashionably dated looking Gonk. A fun Gonk that makes it to number 4 in my list.

Placing him into scene really brought him to life, making this great image below …

Modern Crochet Patterns  


Top 5 Gonks - Free Wizard Crochet

Wizard Gonk (free) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Becoming Santa.

I know that he was well liked by those following the Journey last year. Wizard Gonk is one of the most popular free crochet patterns available at this website. He is a mystical character and came with all the tools to make him a grand wizard.

Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits - Wizard

It was easy to take pictures of him as he seemed to look the part from all angles – with any variation of his outfit on.

Top 5 Gonks - Wizard Outfit Crochet

I had a lot of fun, and did A LOT of work creating the ‘Special Edition’ comic strip that came along with him. The idea being that no words were used to convey the story. I was quite chuffed with the result.

Top 5 Gonks - Wizard Power Crochet


Top 5 Gonks - Bunny Crochet Pattern

Bunny Gonk (free) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Gonk’s Day Out.

If you followed the Journey, and story of how Adam Gonk came to be in this outfit, you can appreciate that he may not want to be wearing it. This is a cute outfit, and is the only body-suit the Gonk has. You can see in some images that he is a scruffy bunny at times, which adds to the funny story.

Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits - Free Bunny Pattern

The Bunny tail looks great as well.

Top 5 Gonks - Free Bunny Tail Crochet Pattern

I enjoyed the process and the outcome…

Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits



Top 5 Gonks - Army Crochet Pattern

Combat Gonk (premium) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Gonk’s Day Out (Gonk Heroes).

As with anything, you always try to outdo yourself. That is what happens with the crochet patterns I make for A Gonk’s Journey. I am particularly proud of Combat Gonk. The pockets and helmet with net cover worked out fantastic. When referring to images, it was a challenge to reduce the detail down to a few stitches here and there. This isn’t the ‘main’ formal image of the Army/Soldier Gonk, but one of the variations available in the pack. It was an enjoyable process making this Gonk, and I was very happy with the final look. This is my current favourite Gonk outfit, and is number 1 on my list!


Although he never made it onto my list, he deserves an honourable mention:

Top 5 Gonks - Tribal Crochet

Tribal Gonk (free) is part of A Gonk’s Journey: Becoming Santa.

If you followed the Journey last year, you will know that Tribal Gonk was an integral part of the storyline (it is not too late to read it here). It is really the moment when Adam Gonk starts off on his adventure. (spoiler alert!) The mask was lost, but later returned, and represented the simpler world he once knew at the beginning of the story. 

Top 5 Gonks - Tribal Crochet Pattern

The Tribal Gonk outfit is simple and fun. The main work is the mask itself. He looks cool, with scruffy beard and overgrown hair to boot. Tribal Gonk would fit in on any beach with such attire. 

Top 5 Favourite Gonks - Tribal Mask Crochet


What would have made your list? Which Gonk outfits have you made, and what do you plan on making next?

Well, that was my top 5 crochet Gonk outfits, hopefully you enjoyed the list. Feel free to share links if you wish and I look forward to hearing your favourite!

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4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Crochet Gonk Outfits!”

  1. I’ve followed gonks journey from the beginning and feel a part of the gonk family, my favourite gonks are the biker, caveman, Santa, bunny, fireman, combat, and of course Adam (but they’re all my favourite really), thank you Ling for sharing your great talent, yours faithfully Coreen xx❤️ 🙂

  2. Hi I love and have made many Gonks. I first started with Santa Gonk and have followed all the journeys. My nephews are Samoans so my favorite is Tribal Gonk. I was able to gift all four (they are grown men) of them one last weekend at our family reunion. Because I did not want them to be without other outfits I made three bunny, one wizard, one biker, one scrooge (for my nephew to take with him when he goes to plays) and also the nightgown for sleepy time. I sure have had a great time with them and they are the perfect crochet gifts for men. They loved them all!

    • How fantastic! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed making the Gonks and that your nephews loved your gifts. I often hear that the Gonks are gifted to men, it’s funny to hear that they appreciate receiving something that’s cute, funny looking, and crocheted! I hadn’t really thought of them being men’s gifts, but it really seems to fit 🙂

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