Free Doll Mermaid Crochet Pattern

Free Doll Mermaid Crochet Pattern

Eve Gonk. A socialite, fashion icon, and party primer. Eve, snapped here on the white satin carpet, where she adorned a mermaid tail and bikini top for an A-listed fancy dressed charity event. With multi coloured hair, she was the vibrant essence that always demanded the attention of the camera

This week, I worked on a new free crochet pattern for Eve Gonk. The original Christmas Eve Gonk doll is a fun decorative Mrs Claus Christmas ornament crochet pattern to go with the Santa Gonk. You can make a variety of curvy female Gonks by simply changing colours for different outfits and hair styles. You can even use it to make a fun ‘mini me’ style Gonk.

Free Doll Mermaid Crochet Pattern

As with Santa Gonk and A Gonk’s Journey, Eve has her own wardrobe, where you can find all of her free outfits. There have already been 3 additional items for Eve.

Eve's Half Pinny Free Crochet Pattern

A half pinny apron to complete the Mrs Claus look.

Eve Gonk Jacket Free Crochet PatternA fur trimmed coat for when she’s strutting her stuff on cooler evenings.
Eve Gonk Messy Bun Free Crochet PatternAnd a messy bun hat with matching cowl scarf and full beanie hat option. 
Free Doll Mermaid Crochet Pattern

And now you can find the free dress up mermaid outfit, complete with mermaid tail, bikini, and step by step instructions to add her rainbow hair. 



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