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I Love Chocolate - Crochet Blog from Hooked On Patterns


Adam Gonk Crochet Blog Hooked On PatternsI can look at it. Pictures of it. I can scroll through social media, liking photo after photo of it. I like chocolate with hazelnut inside. Whomever first put those ingredients together was a genius.

I’m guessing that they were melting the chocolate down, to make condensed chocolate cubes for faster consumption, when it happened. They were already onto something special when they fancied a hazelnut. As they picked up a hazelnut to eat, it slipped from their grasp and into the pan.

Boom, we have it.

They must have thought about removing the hazelnut from the pan. It was the first time after all. Like jam on chips, probably didn’t make any sense. But the chocolate was too hot to pick it out and so it stayed. Nonetheless, a nameless hero.

I like chocolate bars. The best ones have hazelnuts and caramel.
That reminds me, hot chocolate. That is an amazing invention.
The person who invented hot chocolate couldn’t even wait for the chocolate to cool down. Couldn’t wait for the condensed cubes for quicker consumption. Nope, they didn’t even pour it into a cup. The first chocolate drink was likely drunk directly from the pan. I’m no historian, but I can not see any other way.
There was an urgency about consuming that pan of chocolate on that specific day. It worked, and now we have hot chocolate.

Chocolate cake is good. That doesn’t need the hazelnut. That is nice with ice cream though.

Ice cream.
Ice cream dipped in chocolate and crushed hazelnut.

Even I can’t drink a hot chocolate in the middle of summer. But due to the invention of chocolate ice cream, I need not.

Santa Gonk Crochet PatternChocolate at Christmas is good. Wrapped in gold and on the tree. Or pretending to be gold coins, when everyone knows it’s chocolate. Nobody does the gold test with those chocolate coins. OK, we all do the test, but we’re pretending.
I love the advent calendar. A chocolate every day in the build up to Christmas. Like a little prize for opening a tiny paper door. Sometimes I open a day or two in advance. Then I have to leave it for a few days to get back in sync.

Christmas is an odd time for chocolate production because everything is supersized. It’s hard to walk past my favourite chocolate that is four times its usual size at only five times the cost. Feels like an accomplishment, putting that away in the kitchen.
It’s good when other people start their diet in January, cause I know I can collect a lot of chocolate for free. I can help others while helping myself.

I Love Chocolate - Chocolate easter bunnyChocolate at Easter. Shaped like a bunny or an Egg. Providing a unique challenge for its consumption. They must have machines in the factory that makes them Easter bunnies. Or how else does the chocolate have time to settle into those shapes? Must be machines in all chocolate factories.

What is your favourite chocolate?

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  1. I’ve made chocolate bunnies without a machine, but you have the right idea!

    • Wow, such will power! I admire your patience, but I’d be fine with scoffing melty chocolate. 😀

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