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Adam’s Big Break – Creative Writing

Crochet Blog Adams Big Break

ADAM’S BIG BREAK – CREATIVE WRITING Hi everyone, Adam Gonk here. ​The Chief Editor of this blog, the lead literary composer, and also an iconic actor most notably known for the fantasy adventure called A Gonk’s Journey. A model, a

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Racer Astronaut Pilot Gonk Crochet Patterns

Transport Gonk Crochet Blog

They told me that I have to write about how I discovered the new outfits. I explained that it would take six words; ‘I went to the Transport Museum’.  “No, no. Talk about your day. Take notes as you walk

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Hooked On Patterns Blog

HookedOnPatterns Blog Intro

Hello, I’m Adam Gonk, the editor of this fine blog. I am a fictional character, once crocheted into existence, and now a full fledged entity. ​ A HOOKED ON PATTERNS CROCHET BLOG The idea for this crochet blog is to cover

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