Racer Astronaut Pilot Gonk Crochet Patterns

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racer astronaut pilot gonk crochet

Adam Gonk Crochet Blog Hooked On PatternsThey told me that I have to write about how I discovered the new outfits. I explained that it would take six words; ‘I went to the Transport Museum’. 

“No, no. Talk about your day. Take notes as you walk around”, they said.
My reply? I told them, “it’s a Transport Museum, there’s not much to write about”.

Under protest, and the threat of docked pay, I did it. With a notepad in pocket, and a camera in hand, I headed to the Transport Museum for A Big Day Out.​


A brisk wind caused a shudder to run up my spine. I was wearing my heavy coat but had forgotten my earmuffs.

I waited in a queue for the doors to open. It transpired that I had chosen a week when the kids were off school. Needless to say, the queue was significantly longer, and I suspect, a lot louder.


Biker Gonk Free Crochet Pattern

The building itself was large and grand. It had what looked like scaffolding poles above the doorway, incorporated into the design. They were rusted, in a way which suggested it was part of the aesthetics. The front of the building was mostly covered in a thick glass. We could all see inside, we just couldn’t get there. I’m sure that was part of the architect’s original vision. I can hear the premise now, ‘Create a need, a desire if you will – they must want to be inside, before they can truly, be inside’.

It wasn’t too long before I was paying the fee to enter. Still despondent about the task, but with the company credit card, I entered for a day of ‘fun’.


racer astronaut pilot gonk crochet - Pilot Gonk Free Crochet

I visited the gift shop first. I purchased as many chocolate bars as would fit into the bag I was carrying. They each had a picture of a different transport vehicle of some sort on the wrapper, although the chocolate inside was the same. I figured this counts as research. I walked into the main hall and looked for somewhere to take a seat. I found one and took it. I got one of the chocolate bars out of my bag while I had a good look around at the displays.

With a limited zoom capacity on my camera I was forced to the vertical; I would have to visit each display in person.
I saw the displays, made notes and took photos. By notes I mean, ‘ASTRONAUT = COOL’ and ‘PILOT = ✓’.


racer astronaut pilot gonk crochet

I had visited at least half of the displays when my legs gave way and demanded a break. I needed to recoup and make some more ‘notes’ anyway. I decided to have a spot of lunch at the cafeteria. I had roasted potatoes, broccoli and pie. I also had a nice cup of tea with one sugar. For dessert, I had chocolate cake.
Sitting there, staring at the food of a diner sat next to me, I couldn’t help but think about how under cooked my potatoes were. I thought about how I should have gone for what they had; the macaroni cheese. The cheese on top was cooked to a perfect golden brown.


Transport Gonks Crochet Patterns

After digesting, I got up, and went to the till. I filled my bag again, topping up the chocolate bars with what chocolate cake I could fit in. I then headed back out to the main floor.

I walked straight through it and headed for the exit. It was raining outside and I had to run to the bus stop. When the bus arrived I hopped aboard.

The only seat available on the bus was next to the engine. It was a warm, but noisy, journey home.

​I thanked the bus driver as I got off.

Pilot Gonk Free Crochet Pattern

You can purchase all of the new outfits or view the Biker Gonk outfit crochet pattern here.

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Stock images used from Pexels.com and Nasa
©​ Copyright L.Ryan, Hooked On Patterns.com

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  1. I absolutely love this precious little guy. He’s so ugly he’s cute. I hope you keep up this journey and patterns. 😀 Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I like to think my look is of an acquired taste! There are plenty more explorations planned for the future, and I’ll be on the look out for lots of fun outfits.

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