Crochet Pattern Competition

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Crochet Pattern competition 

Our crochet pattern competition is a good way for you to see how our crochet patterns look when made. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our competition.


There are 4 winners this month. Remember, even if you have not been picked this time, there is still a chance your picture will be selected in future.
If you have crocheted one of our patterns, why not pop along to our Facebook page and submit it for a chance to win a free premium pattern from Hooked On Patterns!​


Easter Eggs Flips - Crochet Pattern competition Ceci M. for her Easter Egg Flips.Ceci made these up as Easter gifts.
​I love how big Ceci made them, using Bernat Blanket Yarn.​Easter Eggs Flips are a fun seasonal decoration with a twist, flip them inside out to reveal a cute Bunny or Chick.​They can be made up in any size by using different yarn weights and hooks.​Get the Easter Egg Flips crochet pattern here.



Gonk Purple - Crochet Pattern competition

Deidre K. for her Gonk.​Deidre went to lunch with her Mom at a small local café in December. Deidre took the opportunity to work on her current project, a Gonk, while her Mom finished. Deidre showed her Mom a completed fluffy Gonk, who in turn showed it to other diners. The waitress loved it so much that she bought it on the spot!​The Santa Gonk crochet pattern is available here.
​We also have free outfit crochet patterns here (where the Journey starts).Thinking of selling your makes at a Craft Fair? Check out our detailed guide here.


Pyjama Monsters

Stephanie W. for her Pyjama Monsters.​Stephanie made this cute little monster for her daughter. Mostly because her daughter is addicted to stuffed animals, but her jammies are constantly laying around everywhere!​Stephanie kindly commented that this is the best pattern she has ever purchased. Adding that it is the easiest to follow. (Thank you)

​The Pyjama Monster crochet pattern is available here.


Bunny Gonk

Cynthia W. for her Adam “Bunny” Gonk​Cynthia started last year with Santa Gonk, and then made the Wizard, Fisherman, Pirate and the Biker Gonks. Cynthia makes the Gonks for herself and finds them addictive. With Easter coming she thought Adam Gonk should have a Bunny suit.​The carrot and grass are great additions!The base Gonk crochet pattern is available here.
​All of the free outfit crochet patterns are here (where the Journey starts).
​The Bunny Gonk outfit is available for free, as part of A Gonk’s Journey, here.​Thank you all for sharing your makes! If you are a winner please contact us via Facebook with your choice of free pattern.


This cute Sweet Tooth Fairy Buddy Amigurumi was created this month and added to our Free Crochet Patterns.

​It has a coin pocket large enough to fit a 50 pence piece, clearly fair compensation for any lost tooth.If you’re following A Gonk’s Journey – A Big Day Out, you would have seen the new free Bunny outfit crochet pattern. The pattern is available free here.

​Finally, if you haven’t already, read The History Of Crochet (according to Adam Gonk). It is a fun piece of creative writing. Have a great month everybody!

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