Free Crochet Shower Puff Pattern

Free Crochet Shower Puff Pattern


Hello and welcome to the beginning of a new Crochet Along! For this CAL, we will be creating a luxury spa style gift set. This will be perfect for gifting at Christmas, or a great seller for the upcoming Christmas craft fair season.

Crochet Bathroom Set Patterns

Over the next 4 weeks, I will release one new FREE pattern on this blog to make up the gift set. Here is the line up:

  • Week 1 – Shower Puff
  • Week 2 – Headband
  • Week 3 – Washcloth
  • Week 4 – Soap Scrub


You also have the choice to purchase the complete PDF download. This includes all the free-to-view patterns, plus an exclusive addition for the set; Face Scrubbies! These circular face pads fit over the fingers and have 2 surface textures, exfoliating and cleansing.

Not only that, with the download you’ll also get a printable set of gift tags! These customised gift tags add the perfect finishing touch to your luxury spa gift set. Again, these tags are exclusive to the PDF download, available to purchase now!

Crochet Bathroom Set Patterns


I have used Drops Cotton Light yarn which is a 50/50 cotton and polyester mix DK weight yarn. This is great for these bathroom cleansing items as it is soft, strong, durable and quicker drying due to the polyester content. You can use 100% cotton yarn, this is usually the favourite for bathroom items.

You could also use Aran or Worsted weight yarn instead, this will make the items thicker, but the general size should remain the same as we will be using a 5mm hook.

I have used 2 contrasting neutral colours for my luxury spa set, a main colour (Dark Grey) and an accent colour (Light Beige). I recommend using 2 contrasting colours for the full effect of the designs, but you can use any colour/s you like.

The yarn I have used is no longer available at my favourite yarn store, but Rico Creative Cotton DK 100% cotton yarn available at LoveCrochet would be a suitable choice for this project. This is an affiliate link which helps me make some crochet patterns free to view.

You will need an approximate total of 200g/460yds for these FREE CAL projects, or a little more for the complete Bathroom Spa Gift Set PDF pack. I will give more details along with each CAL pattern release.

Now, let’s get started!

Copyright: This free crochet shower puff pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Ling Ryan/ You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Ling Ryan or as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all T&Cs.


You will only need to know these few basic US stitches to follow this pattern and make your own crochet shower puff: (ch) chain, (sl st) slip stitch, (sc) single crochet, and (dc) double crochet.

You will need approximately 75g/173yds of cotton or cotton mix yarn in DK or Worsted weight, 70g/161yds of your main colour and 5g/12yds of your accent colour. You will also need a 5mm hook, yarn needle and scissors.

The finished shower puff will measure approximately 4″ in diameter.

These shower puffs take loads of stitches to make the puffy texture, far too many to count at the end of the rounds. But don’t worry, it is very forgiving if you accidentally add or miss a stitch here or there. When adding the puff section, just try to count 4 stitches in each stitch as you go. 

Round 1.Free Crochet Shower Puff Pattern

Start with using your accent colour,
Step 1.
ch5, sl st into the first ch to form a circle,
Step 2. ch50 and slip stitch around the opposite side of the previous circle,
Step 3. ch1, sl st along the back bumps of the previous 50 ch sts (this forms the strong hanging rope),
Step 4. sc x8 around the circle towards the other side of the hanging rope, skip the base of the rope and continue sc x8 around the circle on the other side of the rope, sl st into the first sc st of this step to join. Fasten off accent colour and weave in ends. (You will have made a ring of 16 sc sts to form the centre starting point, plus a hanging rope)

Round 2.

Join your main colour to any sc st. ch3 (counts as your first dc), 3dc again in the same st as join, 4dc in each remaining sc st, sl st into the top of beginning ch3 to join. Turn. (64 dc sts)

Round 3.

Working in the opposite direction. ch3 (counts as your first dc), 3dc again in the same st as join below, 4dc in each remaining st, sl st into the top of beginning ch3 to join. Turn. (256 dc sts)

Round 4. Free Crochet Shower Puff Pattern

Working in the other direction again. ch3 (counts as your first dc), 3dc again in the same st as join below, 4dc in each remaining st, sl st into the top of beginning ch3 to join. Fasten off and weave in ends. (1024 dc sts)

Congratulations!You have just completed the free crochet shower puff pattern!

Bathroom Set Crochet Pattern

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