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Text: A Gonks Journey - When Stars Align

Groom and Bride Gonk - Wedding photoA new crochet adventure with Adam and Eve Gonk. Follow their story as they forge a life together.

This is the ultimate Crochet Along, with new free Gonk crochet outfits to make and fun stories to read.

It starts with a wedding. How will it end?

These free clothing and accessory patterns are designed to fit my original Santa Gonk and Christmas Eve Gonk dolls.

To join in, and support me, you can purchase your copy of Santa Gonk here, Santa Gonk, and Eve Gonk here, Christmas Eve Gonk.

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Mr and Mrs Gonk – The Gonk Wedding

Photo of Bride and Groom Gonk

Bride Gonk Crochet Pattern thumbnail button image Groom Gonk Crochet Pattern thumbnail button image

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“I thought she said she didn’t want a big wedding?” exclaimed Adam as he loosened his bow-tie in the mirror.

“You see all those people out there?”, he asked.

I put the camera down and explained that this was going to be a docu-soap, so it’s best if he pretends I’m not there.

“Yeah, that’s fine”, he said.

“You getting this all on camera or just writing it down?”, he pondered.

Following a moment of silence he started, “Well, whatever you’re doing, make sure Hooked On Patterns know I did all that was asked of me. After all, they are paying for this”.

Adam looked in the mirror and nodded knowingly. “I do love her”, he muttered.

“I’d better go and claim that first dance”.

Tourist Gonks – The Honeymoon

Tourist Gonks Crochet Pattern Image showing Adam and Eve Gonk in front of the Hollywood sign

A photo of Vacation Gonk A photo of Tourist Gonk

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“Wow, they knew I was coming! I didn’t realise I was this big in the US”, said Adam while wiping a clump of stray hair from over his eyes.

“I’ll answer one question at a time” he said, addressing the huddle of reporters.

Eve burst into laughter, drawing their attention. “You’re so funny!”, she shouted, tugging Adam’s arm and moving him aside.

Adam looked back, a little confused. Before cameras flashed and he heard calls for “Ben!” – “Ben!”.

“Oh, good. I’m glad I can enjoy some time away from the lights.”, he suggested to Eve.

“LA. Hollywood. Home to the stars. Just feels right”, he added.

“And the warmth of the sun! – That feels right too!”, replied Eve.

Ballet Gonks – Breaking Hollywood

Ballet Gonks Crochet Pattern Image showing Adam and Eve Gonk in a dance studio

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Adam and Eve have decided to stay and try to break Hollywood.

To brush up on their performing arts skills, they have enrolled into ballet classes, in a bid to show how flexible they really are.

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  1. Thanks so much for your ongoing creativity so that those of us who are challanged in that area can still continue on this journey with you.

  2. I purchased the Gonk Heroes and Transport Museum Gonk patterns, as well as the Eve Gonk base. I’ve been having fun making them. I made up a garrison cap for the military one so I could have an Air Force Gonk and turned Eve into a Lady Biker. Thank you for the great patterns.

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