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Free Gonk outfits – Groom Gonk

Please note: You will need a copy of the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories.

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Free Crochet Pattern

This Groom Gonk pattern includes a tuxedo jacket and bow tie. I have also included instructions for the Gonk base colour changes and basic hairstyle.

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Close up of Groom Gonk on his wedding day

Free Crochet Outfit

I have made my Groom Gonk using Chunky (US Bulky) weight acrylic yarn and a 6mm crochet hook. You can make your Gonk in any yarn type or weight. Use the same yarn weight and hook size as you use to make your Adam Gonk for the clothing.

Groom Gonk Crochet Pattern by Hooked On Patterns. Image showing the finished Groom Gonk from the front and side.

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Groom Gonk Base

For the Groom Gonk base, work the main body as detailed in the original Santa Gonk pattern from R1. to R14. in Black yarn. Work R15. to R19. in White yarn. Work R20. to R30. in your skin tone colour for the head.

Work the nose as in the Santa Gonk pattern. To add sleeves to the arms, work R1. to R3. of the arm pieces in skin colour and change to White for the rest of arms.

Find the position for the nose by lining up the top of the nose under the 8th round from top. Attach the arms on either side under the 10th round from top.

Groom Gonk base doll image

Add hair to the head using the same technique as used for the beard. I have used a blend of Dark and Light Brown yarn, and attached around the top 3 rounds of the Gonk’s head. I have then trimmed the ends into style, making the back a little shorter than the front.

Wedding Tuxedo Crochet Pattern

The main jacket will be worked in rows, adding the collar and lapels afterwards, and working the sleeves in rounds. Beginning ch1s are turning chains only and do not count as stitches.

Using Black yarn start with chaining 27,


sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each remaining ch, turn (26)


ch1, inc, sc x2, ch5, sk5, sc x2, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x2, ch5, sk5, sc x2, inc, turn (30)


ch1, inc, sc x3, sc x5 along the ch sts, sc, inc, sc x8, inc, sc, sc x5 along ch sts, sc x3, inc, turn (34)


ch1, inc, sc x12, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x12, inc, turn (38)


ch1, inc, sc x36, inc, turn (40)


ch1, inc, sc x38, inc, turn (42)


ch1, sc in each st, turn (42 for 2 rows)

We will now add a split to the back and slope the front of the jacket,


ch1, sc x21, turn leaving the rest of the row unworked (21)


ch1, sc x19, sc2tog, turn (20)


ch1, sc2tog, sc x18, turn (19)


ch1, sc x17, sc2tog, turn (18)


ch1, sc2tog, sc x16, sl st x4 up along the edge of the central split, continue along the rest of R8. sc x21, turn (42)


ch1, sc2tog, sc x19, turn (20)


ch1, sc x18, sc2tog, turn (19)


ch1, sc2tog, sc x17, turn (18)


ch1, sc x16, sc2tog (17)

Continue onto the edge, collar and lapels.

Groom Gonk image of the crocheted Tuxedo Jacket

Edge, Collar and Lapels

Work the following up along the 12 row edges of the piece below the first row,

sl st x4, sc x3, hdc x2, dc, [2dc, ch3, sl st], [sl st, ch2, hdc],

work hdc x26 along neckline (opposite side of original starting chain),

continue down the other side along the row edges from the 2nd row as follows:

[hdc, ch2, sl st], [sl st, ch3, 2dc], dc, hdc x2, sc x3, ch3 (this will be the buttonhole), sl st x4 along the last 4 rows, sl st to join into the first st of R17. to join.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

To find the right side of coat, the buttonhole will be on the Gonk’s left hand side. Attach a button to the front on the Gonk’s right hand side to match up with the buttonhole.


Hold the coat with the right side facing you and neckline up. The skipped stitches and opposite side of the ch5s, and sc sts on either side made in R2. make the armholes.

Join yarn to the middle (3rd st) of the opposite side of the ch5,


sc in same place as join, sc x2 along opposite side of ch, sc around side of the sc post, sc x5 along the skipped stitches of R1., sc around side of the sc post, sc x2 along opposite side of ch, sl st into first sc to join (12)


ch1, sc in each st, sl st into first sc join (12 for 7 rounds) Fasten off and weave in ends.

Repeat for the other armhole.

~ Exclusive expansion pack outfit patterns ~

Marrine Doll Crochet Pattern Pilot Doll Crochet Pattern

Tuxedo Satin Lapels

To give more of a tuxedo style appearance, I have added a trim of Black satin ribbon to the lapels.

Cut 2 pieces of 15mm wide Black satin ribbon approximately 1cm longer than the lapels of the jacket. Carefully singe the ends with a match or lighter to seal and prevent unravelling.

Groom Gonk ribbon trimmed Tuxedo images

Align the edge of the ribbon with the base line of lapel stitches.

Starting with the wider top of the lapel, fold the edge of one end of the ribbon over and sew along the top to attach, using a sewing needle and thread, from the outside inwards.

Continue attaching down the inner line of the lapel, folding in the bottom end to the right length as you approach the bottom point of the lapel.

Tuck in the outer edge of the ribbon to match the shape of the lapel, and continue attaching up the outer edge.

Repeat for the other lapel.

Groom Gonk wearing the crochet Tuxedo Jacket

Bow Tie

Using Black yarn start by chaining 15,

Work the following along the back bumps of the ch starting from the 2nd ch from hook,

sc, hdc, dc x4, hdc, sc, hdc, dc x4, hdc, sl st into the first sc to join the ends into a loop.

Cut yarn leaving a long tail and pull the end through to fasten. Weave in your starting tail, going through the other end to secure the join.

Groom Gonk image for the crocheted Bow Tie

Thread the long tail end through the middle of the first sc st and the sc st on the opposite side and pull to flatten the loop into the bow shape. Wrap the tail around the centre 4 times and then thread through the middle to secure.

Groom Gonk image showing the Gonk wearing a Tuxedo Jacket and Bow Tie

Use the remaining tail to sew the bow into place on your Gonk.


You have now completed your Groom Gonk. Click here for the Bride Gonk outfit pattern!

Bride and Groom Gonk Crochet Pattern by Hooked On Patterns. Photograph showing the finished dolls.

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Photo of Groom Gonk in a rose garden

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