How To Add Doll Hair With Yarn – Eve Gonk

This is a step by step tutorial for adding an up-do hairstyle to Eve Gonk dolls.

I’ll be showing you how I created the curly haired bun hairstyle for my Ballerina Gonk, but this technique can be used to make ponytails, or other up-dos.

For down hairstyles, you can follow my guide for Adam Gonk’s hair.

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Informational graphic for how to add crochet doll hair

I show you how to make a bun using a hairpiece for Mrs Claus, in the original Christmas Eve Gonk pattern. Here we will be working directly into the Gonk’s head instead. 

This technique for adding hair can be applied to other crocheted dolls as well.

What yarn should I use for doll hair?

I have used Chunky (US Bulky) weight acrylic yarn. It is made of 4 twisted plies, which I will be unravelling. Splitting the strands in half gives a loose curl effect. You can keep the hair looking straight, by keeping the strands intact. Using other types of yarn may give different results. 

A photograph showing the separated plies of an acrylic yarn strand

How to add hair to your crochet doll

To make it easier to work into the Gonk’s body, use a smaller hook than you’ve used to make your doll. I’m using a 3.5mm crochet hook.

Step 1.

Cut strands of yarn in your chosen hair colour/s, approximately twice the length of your Gonk’s body. I have used a blend of Light Brown and Beige, for a mousy brown hair effect.

A photograph of the Eve Gonk doll, crochet hook, and the cut strands of yarn

Step 2.

Use pins to mark out your hairline. I have positioned my hairline 2 rounds above the nose, sloping down to 2 rounds above the shoulders, and 9 rounds down from the centre at the back.

Photo tutorial showing how to mark out the hairline with pins

Step 3.

Insert hook through from the round above, to a gap level with your marked hairline. Fold a strand of yarn in half and pull the fold through to create a loop on hook. Pull both ends through the loop to attach.

Photo tutorial showing how to attach the yarn strands for the hair

Step 4.

Insert the hook through from the next gap above, into the same gap as the previous strand, and attach another strand.

Photo tutorial showing how to attach the hair strands

Step 5.

Repeat Step 3. and Step 4. to create a dense line of 2 strands, all the way around the hairline. Try to keep as close to the marked line as you can, adjusting the angle of entry where needed.

Photo tutorial showing the finished hairline circle

Step 6.

Take one half of an attached strand and split the plies to help flatten the yarn. Use your yarn needle to feed the split strand into the centre of the hairline circle, exit at any other point within the circle and trim the excess yarn. Repeat for each of the attached strands, covering the ‘scalp’ with half of the hair, all the way around.

Photo tutorial showing how to cover the scalp area

Step 7.

Unravel the remaining strands into 2 pairs of 2 plies, to create the loose curl effect (or leave them intact for a straight haired look). Gather the hair and tie it up into a ponytail, using a strand of yarn, leaving a few curls loose at the front. Here, you can keep your ponytail, or style other up-dos, instead of continuing with the ballet bun.

Photo tutorial showing how to split the plies and tie up the hair

Step 8.

Part the ponytail centrally, and twist the hair into a bun. Keep the yarn from tying strand separate, you can thread them through the body to hold them out of the way. Twist the hair clockwise, tucking the hair under as you go, to create a tight bun.

Photo tutorial showing how to twist the hair into a bun

Step 9.

Separate the plies of the tying strand, and use them to tack the ends of the bun into place. Thread the loose front curls down through the base of the hairline to position them downwards.

Photo tutorial showing how to secure the bun

Step 10.

Finish by trimming the loose curls to your desired length.

Images showing how the finished hairstyle should look.

Have fun creating different hairstyles for your Eve Gonk!
Don’t forget, you can add down hairstyles, using the same technique shown for Adam Gonk here.


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