Heart Jar Cover Crochet Pattern

Heart Jar Cover Candle Holder Crochet Pattern


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Details for the Heart Jar Cover crochet pattern

This pattern can be made as a decorative storage jar cover or you can pop a tea light inside a glass jar for a beautiful candle cover which gives a dancing display of light. If you wish to use as a candle cover, please use 100% cotton yarn to give the best heat resistance and avoid melting of synthetic fibres. You only need a small amount of yarn, so it’s a great project for scraps!

  • Yarn Weight: Choose a suitable yarn size and hook to fit your choice of jar, see below for a sizing guide
  • Hook Size: Use a suitable hook size for your chosen yarn
  • Size: The pattern is written so that you can easily adjust the size to fit your choice of jar or other container

Jar to yarn weight and hook sizing guide

I have used a DK/Light Worsted weight yarn with a 3mm hook to produce a height of 7cm. I used Sugar n Cream Cotton Aran/Worsted weight yarn with a 5mm hook to produce a height of 12cm including finishing sc rows. Use DK/Light Worsted yarn for shorter jars and containers. For taller jars, you can always add rows to increase the height. You will be able to adjust the pattern to fit any width of jar.

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Heart Jar Cover Crochet Pattern for jar candles or decorative containers.