Caveman Gonk Free Crochet Pattern – Doll Clothes

Caveman Gonk free crochet pattern – Doll clothes

Please remember, you will still need the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories. You can purchase your copy here, Santa Gonk, or via our Ravelry store.

Caveman Gonk Free Crochet Pattern

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Base: Use a Nude Gonk as your base, see Adam Gonk for instructions.

Caveman Gonk free crochet pattern

The main piece is worked from the bottom edge to shoulder. The hem will be added after.Caveman gonk free crochet pattern Chain 42 and join to form a circle,
R1. sc in each, sl st to join, turn to work the next round on the wrong side (42)
R2. sc in each st, sl st to join, turn to work the next row on the right side (42)
R3. sc x5, dec, sc x5, dec, sc x 5, dec, sc x5, dec, sc x5, dec, sc, turn (31)
R4. sc in second st along, sc x29, turn (30)
R5. sc in second st along, sc x28, turn (29)
R6. sc in second st along, sc x27, turn (28)

R7. sc in second st along, sc x3, dec, sc x4, dec, sc x 4, dec, sc x4, dec, sc x3, turn (23)
R8. sc x10, ch5 and skip 3 st, sc x10, turn (24)
R9. sl st in second st along, sl st x4, sc x4, sc x7 around previous ch loop, sc x4, sl st x6, continue slip stitching down along the side edge of the previous rows, across the stitches of R2., and up the other edge, sl st into beginning sl st to join and fasten off.Caveman doll free crochet pattern

Jagged hemline

Join yarn to the hem(other side of starting chain) at any point.

R1. *sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st,* repeat between * 7 times (42)
R2. *sc x2, 3sc in previous dc st, sc x2, skip previous sl st,* repeat between * 7 times, sl st to join (49) Fasten off and weave in ends. To fit on to your Gonk, pull on from the base up and slip an arm into the armhole.

Caveman doll free crochet pattern

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Caveman club free crochet pattern

Caveman club free crochet patternWork in continuous rounds. Start with a magic ring,
R1. sc x4 into mr (4)
R2. sc in each st (4)
R3. sc in each st (4)
R4. sc, inc, sc, inc (6)
R5. sc in each st (6)
R6. sc in each st (6)
R7. sc x2, inc, sc x2, inc (8)
R8. sc in each st (8)
R9. sc x3, inc, sc x3, inc (10)
R10. sc in each st (10)

R11. sc x3, dec, sc x3, dec (8) Start stuffing the club here, poking the stuffing into the base of handle.
R12. sc x2, dec, sc x2, dec (6) finish stuffing.
R13. dec x3 (3) fasten off and weave in end.

Caveman Gonk free crochet patternInterchangeable instructions for attaching to hand using a long strand of flesh colour yarn. Using your yarn needle, thread the yarn through the tip of the hand. Pull the yarn through half the length and thread the other end through the yarn needle as well. Thread both ends through the middle if the club handle and back through the hand a little way up to wrap the hand around the handle. Stitch through the hand and handle and back again to secure. Feed the extra yarn through the arm and hide the yarn by going through the body, coming out under the clothing cutting off excess yarn.

To remove, wiggle the club to loosen the stitches and pull the yarn through. This prevents needing to cut the stitches in future which can accidentally damage your Gonk. If you intend to keep your Gonk as a Caveman Gonk, you can just simply stitch and tie to secure your club into place.

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