Eve’s Messy Bun Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Eve’s messy bun hat – doll messy bun hat free crochet

Please remember, you will still need the original Christmas Eve Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories. You can purchase your copy here, Christmas Eve Gonk, or via our Ravelry store.

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EVE’S MESSY BUN – Doll Messy Bun Hat Free Crochet

doll messy bun hat free crochet Eve Gonk Messy Bun Hat Free Crochet PatternFor the messy bun beanie hat, you will need to make an Eve Gonk with a hair piece as detailed in the main Christmas Eve Gonk pattern. You can use any colour for your hat, I have used a variegated woolly yarn. Start with using a hook half a size larger than you have used for your Eve Gonk. In my case, I used a 6mm hook for Eve and 6.5mm hook for this messy bun hat. The beanie hat is made using joined rounds, slip stitch into the first stitch to join at the end of each round, ch1 and work into the same stitch you previously joined into to start the next round. Beginning ch1 do not count as stitches.

Start with chaining 12,
R1. ch1, sc into each ch, sl st into first sc to join (12) working into the back bumps of the chain stitches will give you a neater finish.
R2. ch1, *sc, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times, sl st to join (18)
R3. ch1, sc in each st (18)
R4. ch1, *sc x2, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times, sl st to join (24)
R5.-R6. sc in each st (24 for 2 rounds)
R7. ch1, *sc x3, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times, sl st to join (30)
R8.-R9. ch1, sc in each st (30 for 2 rounds)
R10. Now change to the same size hook you used for your Eve Gonk for a snug fit,
ch2 (does not count as a stitch), dc in each st, sl st to join (30) Fasten off and weave in ends.

You can give a quick messy bun look by placing your fingers in the top of the hole and just pulling Eve’s ponytail through the hole halfway. You can also pull the whole ponytail through for a ponytail hat look or pull through and twist a full bun as detailed in the Christmas Eve Gonk pattern.

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Bonus! Cowl scarf free crochet pattern

I have made a matching cowl scarf by simply making a long scarf to fit around Eve and joining the starting end to the side of the end.
Start by chaining 6,
R1. sc x5 from the second ch from hook, turn (5)
R2. ch1, sc x5, turn (5, turning ch1 are not counted as stitches)
Repeat R2. until the scarf fits around your Eve Gonk’s neck and meets up with the side of the starting end (I have worked a total of 43 rows). Cut yarn leaving a long tail, pull through the last loop to fasten off and use your yarn needle to stitch the starting edge, from the point of your tail end, up along the side edge. Weave in ends to finish.

Full Beanie Hat – Doll messy bun hat free crochet

To make a full beanie to fit a straight down haired Eve Gonk, use the same size hook as your Eve Gonk (In my case 6mm).
Start with a magic ring,
sc x6 into the ring, pull the ring closed, sl st into first sc to join (6)
ch1, inc x 6 (12) Now continue from R2. of the Messy Bun Beanie Hat.

Poncho Crochet Crochet PatternCongratulations!
You have completed the Eve’s doll messy bun hat free crochet

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