Featured Designers Information

This page is to provide information to a crochet pattern designer who is thinking about applying to become a ‘featured designer’ at hookedonpatterns.com. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of what you can expect and an idea of the terms that would apply. This page is not a contract, nor an agreement. You will not be employed by Hooked On Patterns.

The idea is that I’ll introduce you as a featured designer and you’ll provide a crochet pattern to be published as free-to-view on our blog. In exchange, we’ll provide you with exposure across all of our platforms (website, subscriber’s newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and a quality back-link to your website, or shop.

This is not a ‘Guest Blogger’ post. You will not be the author of the blog post. You would be named and linked as a featured designer, and the actual blog post will be arranged and written by me.

You will be credited as the designer of the featured pattern and will need to be able to offer pattern support for your design.

No monies will be exchanged for this opportunity. If you are looking to sell the full copyright of your crochet design for cash, please consider my Guest Designer opportunity here.


You must own the copyright of any crochet pattern you submit.

You’ll retain 100% of your copyright. You may sell the PDF download version of your crochet pattern from the day of the featured designer blog post release, and a link to buy will be included in the post. If you wish to publish the pattern as free-to-view yourself, we would require that you wait at least 6 months from the day of the featured designer blog post before doing so. You retain all of the copyright, and in no way assign any to Hooked On Patterns.

License Agreement Terms:

As a featured designer on the Hooked On Patterns crochet blog, you will provide Hooked On Patterns with a licence to use your crochet pattern and agree to the terms below. The licence will be provided for free, at no cost, and for an unlimited time. The licence means that Hooked On Patterns can:

  • Publish your crochet pattern, in full, on hookedonpatterns.com or any other website/domains we own or may own in the future. (in case we ever decide to expand or change our name)
  • Edit your crochet pattern if necessary (eg. change the wording, pattern format, and images). Your actual crochet pattern instructions or design will not be changed or edited. Please see below for details.
  • Use your images for promotional purposes.

We may need to edit crochet patterns so that they are formatted in a way that is easy to follow on the blog. For example, if you provide the pattern in a document which is formatted in columns or with photos to the side, we would need to adjust this so that it is read as a single column with photos above or below. We may also need to remove some photos or place them in a different position as you have them, to fit them in with the text. We may need to change certain wording or subheadings you have used in the pattern to be more descriptive in the blog post for SEO purposes.

We’ll also need to be able to manipulate your images for the blog post. We will watermark your images that are published on the website (with your chosen name and hookedonpatterns.com), but you will retain and own 100% of the copyright for these manipulated images. We will have a licence to use them.

The licence will be for internet use only. We will not print your crochet patterns, or publish them in books. We will not sell your crochet patterns as eBooks/PDF digital downloads. We will not make videos of your crochet patterns.

If Hooked On Patterns changes ownership in the future, the licence will remain with Hooked On Patterns.

OK, now that’s out of the way, how will it work?

Here are the STEPS:

  1. If you’re interested in becoming a featured designer, please contact me via email, ling@hookedonpatterns[dot]com, or via my Facebook page here to express your interest.
  2. We’ll ask you to submit the design(s) that you would like us to consider (only a photo at this stage).
  3. We’ll review your submission(s) for their suitability for inclusion on our blog (please allow up to 7 days).
  4. We’ll let you know if we are interested in featuring your design and, if selected, forward an agreement for your approval (you can still submit other designs if you are not selected this time).

Approval process:

  1. You’ll send us a copy of your crochet pattern in digital form, with supporting images.
  2. We’ll review the pattern and check the quality of your images.
  3. If necessary, we may ask for amendments before your pattern is approved.

Once approved:

  1. We’ll ask for information to help with your feature write-up (your bio and/or story about the design).
  2. You’ll provide a webpage (your website or online store link) to be used as your back-link and an email, or contact information. This will be published with your crochet pattern so that users can contact you directly for pattern support if needed.
  3. If you choose to sell the PDF download version of the submitted pattern, you’ll provide a direct link to purchase for inclusion in the blog post.
  4. We’ll create and arrange the featured designer blog post.
  5. We’ll create Pins and promotional images.
  6. We’ll publish the blog post.
  7. We’ll promote your amazing crochet pattern across our social media and to our subscribers.
  8. You’ll promote the featured post on your social media.


You will not be ’employed’ by Hooked On Patterns in any way whatsoever. This is not a contract of employment. Any agreement will be on a single design, one-time, basis.

Hooked On Patterns is not liable for any loss incurred by any featured designer pursuing or obtaining this opportunity. Hooked On Patterns will promote the featured designer across social platforms and email marketing. Hooked On Patterns can remove a crochet pattern from the website, without notice, should they choose.

You are responsible for knowing the conditions of any third-party contracts you are in; if you submit a crochet pattern, you are agreeing that you know of no reason why Hooked On Patterns can not publish your crochet pattern.

If we receive any copyright breach claim against your pattern, we reserve the right to remove the publication. You will be responsible for defending your own copyright and it will need to be resolved before we consider re-publication.

Any agreement is not subject to a third party. If you later sell the copyright of the crochet pattern, you sell it with our licence attached.

©​ Copyright L.Ryan, Hooked On Patterns.com