Yarn Colour Palettes

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Yarn Colour Palettes

I find yarn colour palettes a fun way to choose new yarn combinations for my projects. The world around us provides such inspiration and simply taking a moment to analyse a scene can offer complimentary hues.

It is also a great way to capture a memory or feeling within your crochet works. You can use a photo of a special occasion and create a yarn colour palette for a blanket to encapsulate that moment.

To make your own, pick your favourite yarn brand which has a variety of colours. Decide on how many colours you’d like to use and select the matching key colours from the scene or photograph. 

I have created 2 yarn colour palettes, both utilising the countryside in Spring.


Yarn Colour Palette - Bright Flower
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This is a Stylecraft Special DK yarn colour palette. The palette begins with the deep, darker greens provided in the background and foreground. The bright yellow flower is in contrast to the green around it.


Yarn Colour Palettes - Purple field
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This is a Paintbox Chunky yarn colour palette. The scene is of a bluebell blanketed opening in the forest. One fallen tree lays across the middle of the scene, cutting the field of green and purple with its darker browns.

Let me know what you think about the yarn colour palettes, and if you would like to see more. Please also use the share buttons if you liked this.

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