Simple Free Crochet Cat Pattern

Free Simple Kitty Cat Crochet Pattern

Create some cute single coloured cats with this free crochet cat pattern! These cats are super quick and easy to make up. They are an adaptation of my kawaii bunny pattern, using the same body as the base.

You can vary the sizes of your cats by simply changing your hook size and/or yarn weight. I have used acrylic yarn, but you can use any type of yarn you prefer. Your chosen yarn weight and hook size will determine the size of your finished cat, mine measures 11cm tall.

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Free Crochet Flowers Pattern for Carnations

Free Carnation Flowers Crochet Pattern

Celebrate Mother’s Day, or any occasion, with this free crochet flowers pattern to make Carnations. Carnations are the traditional flower for Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. They express love, fascination, and distinction, making them the perfect Mother’s Day gift. MOTHER’S DAY FLOWER BOUQUET CROCHET PATTERN Carnations are known for being long lasting … Read more

Free Crochet Hearts Pattern

Free Valentine's Day Jar of Hearts Crochet Pattern

Create a sweet jar of hearts display feature with this free crochet hearts pattern. The pattern includes instructions for the little stuffed hearts, plus the lace doily style jar lid. These would make lovely home decorations and you could even make them scented by simply adding fragrance oils. They would also make great table display … Read more

Free Crochet Basket Pattern

Free Heart Basket Crochet Pattern

This is a free crochet basket pattern for a cute heart shaped basket. They use my free heart coaster pattern as the base, if you haven’t seen them yet, you can find them here.  FREE HEART BASKET CROCHET PATTERN Scroll down to view the FREE crochet basket pattern All crochet patterns from Hooked On Patterns are … Read more

Free Crochet Scarf Pattern Super Chunky

Free Super Chunky Textured Scarf Crochet Pattern

FREE SUPER CHUNKY SCARF CROCHET PATTERN This is a free crochet scarf pattern for a super chunky, ribbed textured, scarf with braided cable design pockets. My finished scarf measures approximately 8 feet long by 1 foot wide. You can adjust the length to suit the wearer. Scroll down to view the FREE crochet scarf patternAll crochet … Read more

Free Crochet Santa Sack Pattern

Free Mini Santa Sack Crochet Pattern

FREE MINI SANTA SACK GIFT POUCH Please help spread the word and encourage new free patterns, by simply using the share buttons below. This is a free crochet Santa sack pattern to make cute little gift pouches. They are perfect for filling with little treats as quick stocking fillers. They are also scaled to suit … Read more

Free Crochet Pattern for Christmas Tree Baubles

Free Robin Christmas Tree Baubles Crochet Pattern

FREE ROBIN XMAS TREE BAUBLES PATTERN This is a free crochet pattern for Christmas tree baubles, a cute and easy robin bauble. The perfect little last minute decoration for your Christmas tree, gifts, or craft fairs! Scroll down to view the FREE robin Xmas baubles pattern All crochet patterns from Hooked On Patterns are written … Read more