Free Koala Coasters Crochet Pattern

A close up photo of 2 crocheted koala coasters

Crochet some adorable koala shaped coasters with this free pattern! They’re fun for kids, or any aged koala lovers. The koalas can also be used as appliqués or bunting too!

The finished coasters measure approx. 8.5cm/3.25” in diameter excluding the ears, or 11.5cm/4.5” including the ears.

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Free Halloween Eyeball Coasters Crochet Pattern

Free Eyeball Coasters Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Crochet some spooky Halloween eyeball coasters with this easy crochet pattern.

These coasters are quick to make and only use a small amount of yarn, less than 10yds of each colour. So they are great for craft fairs, or classroom gifting!

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