Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern

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Add a splash of Summer to your home with these Sunflower baskets!

This is the second part of my 2 part Sunflowers set. Check out my previous pattern for the matching Sunflower coasters.

These handy little baskets would brighten up your living room, or make a lovely housewarming gift. They are perfect for storing little bits and bobs, like your change and keys, or fill them with sweets for a welcoming coffee table display.

The basket is made in the same way as the Sunflower Coasters, just adding height by working rounds upwards before adding the petals.

Free Sunflower Trinket Basket Crochet Pattern

To make the baskets larger and stiffer than the coasters, I have doubled up on the same yarn that I used for my coasters. Holding 2 strands of Aran/Worsted weight yarn together, and using a 6mm hook. This way, I can have a matching set when using them together on the same coffee table. 

My finished basket measures approximately 19cm/ 7.5” in diameter tip to tip, with an internal basket diameter of 11cm/4.25” and depth of 3.5cm/1.5”. You can easily adjust for any depth.

If you’re not making a matching set, you can use any yarn type or weight to make this basket, which can vary the finished size too. To keep your stitches tight, use a smaller hook than recommended for your chosen yarn.


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All crochet patterns from Hooked On Patterns are written using US crochet terms.

This crochet pattern is free to view online below. You also have the option to purchase the Sunflower Set PDF eBook download which includes the patterns for both the sunflower coasters and baskets. The eBook contains extra high quality photographs, plus a separate printer friendly version and is available to purchase for only £4.00


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You will need Brown and Yellow yarn for your sunflowers. You’ll need approximately 40g/75yds of both colours per basket.

I have used Rico Creative Cotton Aran, available from LoveCrafts, in Brown (58) and Banana (68). To use 2 strands together, you can either use two separate balls of yarn, or work with both the inner and outer yarn ends.

I have used a 6mm hook to keep my stitches fairly tight, which helps give structure to the basket. If you crochet loosely, you may need a smaller hook.

Exact gauge isn’t too important. If you see big gaps forming, go down a hook size, If you find the base circle is cupping, go up a hook size.

You will also need a stitch marker, yarn needle, and scissors.


This sunflower basket crochet pattern uses the following US crochet stitches and terms:

(mr) Magic Ring, (ch) Chain, (sp) Space, (sk) Skip, (sl st) Slip Stitch, (sc) Single Crochet, (inc) Increase – 2sc in the same stitch, (hdc) Half Double Crochet, (dc) Double Crochet, (trc) Treble Crochet,

How to crochet the picot stitch for the sunflower petals

We will also be working Picot Stitches (p) at the tip of each of our petals to create a point. These are made by chaining 3 and slip stitching into the back bump of the first chain.

We will also be working in Back Loops Only for the base of the basket.

To fasten off the Brown basket section, we will use an invisible join technique: After the last stitch, cut yarn and pull the end up through the last stitch, use your yarn needle to feed the end through the second stitch of the round, and back through the middle of the last stitch. Pull to adjust this loop to mimic the top of the first stitch, then weave the end into the back of work to secure into place.

A number shown before a stitch, means work that number of stitches in the same next stitch or space (eg. 3dc = work 3 double crochets into the same stitch/ space).

A number shown after x, means work the same stitch in the following number of stitches (eg. sc x3 = work a single crochet into each of the next 3 stitches).

Instructions within [ ] are to be worked into the same stitch/space.

Number within ( ) show the total number of stitches you should have after that row/round.

Now, let’s get started!

Copyright: This free sunflower basket crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Ling Ryan/Hooked On Patterns. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials or translating into other languages. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Ling Ryan or Hooked On Patterns as the designer if you do sell. By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all T&Cs.


We will be working in continuous rounds for the basket base, unless instructed otherwise. Use a stitch marker to keep track of your first stitch. For added texture, we will be working the bottom of the basket in the Back Loops Only.

Using your Brown yarn, start with a magic ring,


sc x6 into mr, pulled closed (6)

Work in the Back Loops Only from here on:


inc x6 (12)


*sc, inc,* repeat between * to the end of round (18)


*inc, sc x2,* repeat between * to the end of round (24)


*sc x3, inc,* repeat between * to the end of round (30)


sc, *inc, sc x4,* repeat between * to the end of round finishing with sc x3 (36)


*sc x5, inc,* repeat between * to the end of round (42)


We will slip stitch to level off at the end of this round. Do not pull this levelling stitch tight as if you were joining the round, keep it the same size as your other stitches.

sc x3, *inc, sc x6,* repeat between * to the end of round finishing with sc x3, sl st into the first stitch to level off, sl st into the next st and pull tight to join (48)

Working in the back loops has created 2 different textures for the centre of the Sunflower. On the front side, you have a swirly spiral texture. On the back side, you have a bumpy texture. Both of these make great, realistic looking, disc florets for our Sunflowers.

Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern image showing the texture options

Decide on which side you want to show as right side up at the base of your basket. Keep your chosen side facing you to work the next round. I have opted for the swirly side to match my coasters.


We will now work through both loops of the previous stitches normally from here on:
sl st in each st, sl st into the first st to join, ch1 (48)

Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern image of working the basket walls

Turn to work in the opposite direction, so that the right side of your stitches will be on the outside (hooking through from the outside towards the middle).


sc in each st (48 for 5 rounds or until you reach your desired basket height) Finish off with a sl st into the first stitch to level off, then fasten off with an invisible join.

Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern Finished Basket Base

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We will now add 2 rounds of petals using Yellow yarn. Again, I have doubled up on my Aran/Worsted weight yarn to match my Brown yarn. Match your Yellow yarn to whatever you were using for the basket.

We’ll start with making the chain loops for the larger petals, and then work the smaller inner petals, followed by the larger outer petals. We will be working through the Back Loops Only of the sc stitches of the basket rim to join our petals.

The inner petals consists of [hdc, dc, trc, p, trc, dc, hdc] all worked into the same stitch. When working the picots (p), work the sl st into the back bump of the first chain to get a sharper looking point. The outer petals are made in the same way, only adding an extra trc stitch on either side, making them larger. 


Join Yellow yarn with a sc to the Back Loop Only of any sc stitch of the basket rim:

ch2, sk1, *sc, ch1, sk1, sc, ch2, sk1,* repeat between * to the end of round finishing with a ch1, sl st into the first sc to join
(60 – 24 sc sts, 12 ch2 sps, 12 ch1 sps)

Image showing the Sunflower Basket the first round for the petals


We will now work the inner round of petals into the previously skipped sc stitches of the basket rim. Pinch back the previous round of chain loops to make it easier to access the Brown sc stitches. Continue to work in the Back Loops Only for this round:

ch1, sl st into the first skipped st, *[hdc, dc, trc, p, trc, dc, hdc] in the next skipped st, sl st in the following skipped st,* repeat between * to the end of round, join the round by slipping the working loop off your hook, hook through the first slip stitch from the back to front, and pull the working loop through
(You should have a total of 12 petals)

Image showing the Sunflower Basket the inner round of petals


We will now work a round of larger petals into the chain loops made in R1.:

ch2, sl st into the ch1 sp behind the first inner petal, *[hdc, dc, 2trc, p, 2trc, dc, hdc] into the next ch2 sp, sl st into the following ch1 sp,* repeat between * to the end of round, finish with a sl st into the first sl st to join, fasten off and weave in ends.
(You should have a total of 12 large petals, sitting in between the inner petals)

Image showing the Sunflower Basket the outer round of petals

If you find that your petals curl up, you can block the petals to straighten them out. Here is how my basket looked before and after blocking:

Image showing the Sunflower Basket before and after blocking


You’ll just need to block the petals of the Sunflower, but you could starch your basket at this point, if you feel the need. I have kept my basket stiff by simply making my stitches tight, so I haven’t applied any starching agents.

To block the petals, you don’t need to soak the whole basket. I have used a spray bottle with cold water to dampen the petals only. Turn your basket upside down and pin out the point of each petal, then allow to dry fully.

Image showing how to wet block the Sunflower baskets


You have now completed your Sunflower Basket!

Image showing the Sunflower basket with a Sunflower coaster as a lid

Here, I have used a Sunflower Coaster as a lid to cover the basket. It creates a lovely full Sunflower head effect, and hides my goodies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this free crochet pattern. You can find all of my crochet patterns here, including more FREE patterns.

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