Free Santa Baubles Crochet Pattern

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Crochet some jolly Santa baubles for your Christmas tree, or as little gifts for friends and family, with this free crochet pattern!

The finished baubles measure approximately 3”/7.5cm wide (across the hat brim), and approximately 3.5”/9cm tall (with the tip of the hat folded over).

How To Crochet A Santa Bauble

A photo of 4 crocheted Santa baubles hanging on a Christmas tree

These baubles are super quick and easy to make. They’ll be perfect as classroom or workplace gifts, or Christmas craft stall fillers.

Jolly Santa Baubles for your Xmas Tree

The full crochet pattern is free-to-view below. Keep scrolling to get started, or Pin it to save it for later!

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What You’ll Need to Make A Santa Bauble

You’ll need approximately 25yds of your chosen skin tone, approx. 15yds of red, and approx. 50yds of white coloured yarn in chunky/bulky #5 weight.

I have used Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky acrylic yarn for the head and hat, with King Cole Cuddles Chunky yarn in White for a fun scruffy looking beard and trim.

You can replace the White yarn with normal or chenille style yarn, like James C Brett Flutterby, instead.

Here are some examples of these other yarns:

An example of the Santa baubles made with different white yarns for the beard and hat trim

I have used Rico Creative Cotton Aran for my face details. You can use any Worsted/DK weight yarn or embroidery floss instead.

You will also need a 5mm crochet hook, a stitch marker, some toy stuffing (Polyester fibrefill), some ribbon for a hanging loop (or you can just use yarn), a large eyed yarn needle, and scissors.

Pattern Notes for making Santa Baubles


Exact gauge is not too important. Just try to keep your stitches compact. I have used a 5mm hook instead of the recommended 6mm for the yarns used.

Working With Fluffy Yarn:

It can be difficult to see the stitch tops when working with the fluffy boucle style yarn. Let your hook guide you into the stitches. It is forgiving, so it’s not too important if you miss a stitch here or there. Just try to count as you work the stitches, to keep track.

If you decide to use normal White yarn, or chenille style yarn, it will be easier to see your stitch tops. When working the beard section, replace the sc2tog decreases with standard invisible decreases (hook through the front loops only of the next 2 sts and make a sc).

Laughing Santa Baubles:

We’ll start with making the Santa hat, and then make the Santa head. We will be working in continuous rounds throughout, unless otherwise stated, so use a stitch marker to keep track of your first stitch. We will be staggering our increases to get a rounder finish.

Crochet Stitches & Terms Used For Santa Baubles

This pattern is written using US crochet terms. Please refer to my Crochet Terms Conversion Chart for help with translating into UK terms.

(mr) Magic Ring, (ch) Chain, (sk) Skip, (sl st) Slip Stitch, (sc) Single Crochet, (inc) Increase – 2sc in the same stitch, (sc2tog) Single Crochet 2 Together,
(bo) Bobble Stitch (5dc bobble) – *yarn over (yo), insert hook into indicated st/sp, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops,* repeat between * 4 more times in the same st/sp (you should end up with 6 loops on hook), yo and pull through all 6 loops.

Numbers shown in ( ) at the end of each row/round indicates the number of stitches you should have at the end of that row/round.

To help you read this pattern, the commas represent each stitch or the number of stitches after x. For example: “sc, inc,” would mean sc into next st, increase (2sc) in the following st. Or “hdc x3, 2hdc,” would mean hdc into each of the next 3 stitches, followed by 2 hdc in the following st.

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Crocheting the Santa Hat

Using your Red yarn, start with a Magic Ring,


4sc into mr, pull closed (4)

Tip: Crochet around your starting tail as you go, as it would be difficult to weave it in later.


sc, inc, sc, inc (6)


sc, inc, sc x2, inc, sc (8)


inc, sc x3, inc, sc x3 (10)


sc x2, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x2 (12)


inc, sc x5, inc, sc x5 (14)


sc x3, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x3 (16)


inc, sc x7, inc, sc x7 (18)


sc x4, inc, sc x8, inc, sc x4 (20)


inc, sc x9, inc, sc x9 (22)


sc x5, inc, sc x10, inc, sc x5 (24)


inc, sc x11, inc, sc x11 (26)


sc in each st, sl st into the first st to level off (do not pull tight as if joining rounds), cut yarn and fasten off (26)


Using White Fluffy yarn, join with a sc into the last sl st made, sc in each remaining st, sl st into the first sc to join (26)


ch1 (does not count as a stitch), sc in each st, sl st into first sc to join, cut yarn and fasten off, weave in ends (26) Fold the last round upwards to finish.

A 3 part photo showing the making of the Santa hat up to the trim

Add the pompom:

Using White Fluffy yarn, start with a slip knot on your hook. Insert your hook through the top of the hat, going through under the first round, and make a slip stitch. Ch1, you will now have 2 strands going across the tip of the hat. Insert your hook under these 2 strands and make a bo (Bobble Stitch). Now insert your hook through the same base strands, this time going through the back to the front, and make a sl st. This will fold the cluster backwards to make the pompom. Cut yarn and fasten off. Use your hook to pull the ends through to the inside of the hat to finish.

A 3 part photo showing the how to crochet the pompom on to the Santa hat

Please note: I have worked the example above in normal yarn to better show the stitches. Work the pompom with the same White yarn you have been using.

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Crocheting the Santa Head

Using your chosen Skin Tone yarn, start with a Magic Ring,


6sc into mr, pull closed (6)


inc x6 (12)


*sc, inc*, repeat between * for a total of 6 times (18)


*inc, sc x2*, repeat between * for a total of 6 times (24)


sc in each st (24 for 3 rounds)


sc x12, bo, ch1, sc x11, sl st into the first stitch to level off, cut yarn and fasten off (25)
The bobble stitch will tend to fold under as you work the rest of the round, be sure to pop it out when you’re finished, to form the nose.

A 3 part photo showing the making of the Santa head up to the nose

Add your eyes:

Embroider your eyes here. Choose between open or laughing eyes. I have used cotton yarn for cleaner lines, but you can use any black yarn or embroidery floss.

For open eyes, loop your Black yarn around the round above the nose a couple of times, 1 stitch outwards from the nose, to make dots for the eyes.

An example of open eyes for the crochet Santa baubles

For creased laughing eyes, working along the round above the nose, make a line 2 stitches long, aligned with the edge of the nose outwards. Repeat on the other side. Come back through at the inner point of the line, and make a diagonal line to the bottom of the round, approximately 3/4 of the length of the first line. Repeat for the other side. (I have split my aran weight cotton yarn into half, for a thinner line)

An example of creased laughing eyes for the crochet Santa baubles

Tie your ends together on the inside, to secure the eyes into place. Be careful not to tie too tightly.

Continuing from R8. above:


Using White Fluffy yarn, join with a sc into the last sl st made, sc x11, sc into the bo st, skip the ch1 st, sc x11 (24)


sc into each st (24 for 2 rounds)

Tip: If you’re using plainer yarn, where you can see the stitch tops, replace the sc2togs below with invisible decreases, for a neater finish.


*sc x2, sc2tog*, repeat between * for a total of 6 times (18)


*sc, sc2tog*, repeat between * for a total of 6 times (12)


sc2tog x6, sl st into the first st to join, cut yarn leaving approx. 5” and fasten off (6)

Stuff the head firmly with toy stuffing, holding on to the yarn tail end to avoid losing it inside. Use your yarn needle to weave the tail end in and out of the last round of stitches, and pull the hole closed. Weave in the end to secure, tuck it inside by threading in through to the back of the beard area, and trim off excess.

A 3 part photo showing the adding of the beard, stuffing, and completion of the Santa head

Add the mouth:

Again, I have used cotton yarn for cleaner lines, but you can use any Pink/Red yarn or embroidery floss.

Take a length of Pink/Red yarn, approximately 10” long, and use your yarn needle to feed it through the side of the beard and out 1 round down from the nose, in line with the edge of the nose (pulling through just enough to hide the starting end inside). Make a line across to the other edge of the nose, and come back through at the first point. Go in through the second point and out 1 round down, at the middle of the first line, allowing the yarn to sit under the needle. Pull the yarn to make a curved second line. Insert your needle back through that centre point, going under the yarn to pin it into place, and feed the needle out through the other side of the beard. Trim the yarn close to the work and give it a little squeeze to hide the end inside.

A photo showing the addition of the mouth on the Santa head

Add eyebrows:

Cut a length of Fluffy White yarn, approx. 10” long, and use your yarn needle to feed it through the side of the beard and out 1 round above the top eye line, at the outer edge. Make a line 2 stitches long over the eye, keeping the yarn from twisting as you pull through so that the fluff sits flat against the head. Come out on the outer edge of the other eye and make the second eyebrow. Thread through and out at the other side of the beard and trim off excess.

Add a hanging ribbon:

Cut a length of ribbon, approx. 10” long, and feed it through the top of the head, under the first round. Tie the ends together and pull the knot inside the head.

Placing the hat:

Look for the front of the hat (opposite side of the joins), and place your hook through the hat around half way down. Hook onto the ribbon and pull it through. Adjust the hat to fit nicely onto the head. You can stitch the hat into place if you like, but it’s not necessary, and it’s fun being able to lift off the hat!

A 3 part photo showing how to add the hanging ribbon and place the Santa hat


You have now completed your Santa Bauble! I hope you’ve enjoyed making this free crochet pattern. You can browse through all of my other crochet patterns here, including many more free designs.

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A photo of 3 completed Santa baubles, side by side, made in different skin tones

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