Free Koala Coasters Crochet Pattern

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Crochet some adorable koala shaped coasters with this free pattern! They’re fun for kids, or any aged koala lovers. The koalas can also be used as appliqués or bunting too!

The finished coasters measure approx. 8.5cm/3.25” in diameter excluding the ears, or 11.5cm/4.5” including the ears.

How To Crochet A Koala Coaster

A side angle view of four crocheted Koala coasters

These cute little koalas are super quick and easy to make. They’ll be perfect for last minute gifts, or craft stall fillers.

These would be great for kids birthday parties, and could double up as party favours too!

You could also use these as koala appliques, for decorating blankets, scarves, or even sweaters. Or you could string a few together, to make a lovely koala bunting for a nursery or kid’s bedroom.

Cute Crochet Koala Coasters for Kids

The full crochet pattern is free-to-view below. Keep scrolling to get started, or Pin it to save it for later!

A Pinterest image of the free koala coasters crochet pattern showing 3 images of the finished crocheted coasters

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What You’ll Need to Make A Koala Coaster

I have used 100% Cotton Aran/Worsted weight yarn, with a 4.5mm hook.

You can use any Aran/Worsted weight yarn, but I would recommend using cotton for better absorption, and heat resistance if using for hot drinks.

You’ll need Black for the nose and eyes (approx. 2yds), Grey for the main colour (approx. 13yds), and Cream for the chin and ears (approx. 5yds).

I have used Rico Creative Cotton in colours: Black (90), Mouse Grey (28), and Nature (60).

You will also need a 4.5mm crochet hook, a stitch marker (optional), yarn needle, and scissors.

Pattern Notes for making Koala Coasters


Exact gauge isn’t too important. Just try to keep your stitches compact to minimise gaps and maximise absorbency.

Changing Colours:

When changing colours, switch yarns on the last pull through of the previous stitch.

An instructional image of how to change colours when crocheting koala coasters

Carrying The Yarn:

Carry the dropped colour yarn forward by crocheting over the working yarn. Align the yarn behind the stitch tops as you crochet, to prevent the other colour from showing through.

An instructional image showing how to carry the yarn when crocheting the koala coasters

Joining Colours:

When joining a new colour, make a slip knot in the new colour and pull the slip knot up through the last stitch of the previous colour.

A step by step instructional image of joining new colours, when crocheting koala coasters.

Hidden Round Joins:

We will use a special technique to help hide the joins in our rounds. We will start with a ch1, work the round as instructed, and then work into the first stitch again crocheting over the ch1 at the end of the round, before joining the round by slip stitching into the first stitch.

A step by step instructional image of creating hidden round joins, when crocheting koala coasters.

Beginning A Round:

We will be chaining 1 at the beginning of each round to step up before making hdc stitches. These ch1s do not count as stitches.

Crochet Stitches & Terms Used For Koala Coasters

This pattern is written using US crochet terms. Please refer to my Crochet Terms Conversion Chart for help with translating into UK terms.

(mr) Magic Ring, (ch) Chain, (sl st) Slip Stitch, (sc) Single Crochet, (hdc) Half Double Crochet, (trc) Treble Crochet, (p) Picot – see Special Stitches below.

Numbers shown in ( ) at the end of each row/round indicates the number of stitches you should have at the end of that row/round.

To help you read this pattern, the commas represent each stitch or the number of stitches after x. Numbers in front of stitches indicate the number of stitches worked into the same stitch. For example; {sc, 2sc,} would mean sc into next st, make 2 sc (increase) in next st. Or {hdc x3, 2hdc,} would mean hdc into each of the next 3 stitches, make 2 hdc (increase) in the next st. 5dc would mean work dc 5 times in the same next stitch.

Instructions shown within [ ] are worked into the same stitch.

Instructions shown within { } are sequences which are to be repeated the indicated number of times shown after x.

Special Stitches (Picot Stitch):

We will be working Picot Stitches (p) in the final round, when working around the ears. These are made by chaining 3 and then working a slip stitch into the back bump of the 3rd chain from hook (ie. the 1st of the 3 chains made). These will be worked in between sc stitches, creating [sc, p, sc] into the same trc stitch of the ears, four times on each ear, to give the effect of the furry ears.

A step by step instructional image of crocheting a picot stitch, when crocheting koala coasters.

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Crocheting the Main Koala Coaster

Using Black yarn, start with a Magic Ring,


ch1, 9hdc into mr, pull the mr closed, sl st into the first hdc st to join (9)


ch1, hdc in the first stitch below ch1, 2hdc, start a hdc in Black and join Grey yarn on the last pull through, hdc in the same st in Grey and continue with Grey carrying the Black yarn, 2hdc x6, hdc into the first st again, sl st into the first Black hdc st to join (18)


Pick up your Black yarn and ch1, skip the first stitch below ch1, hdc, 2hdc, hdc and change to Grey yarn, {2hdc, hdc} x7, 2hdc into the first skipped st, sl st into the first Black hdc st to join (27)

Cut the Black yarn here, leaving a long (approx. 12”) tail for embroidering the eyes later.


Join Cream yarn by pulling the slip knot through the loop on hook to make the beginning ch1, hdc in the first (Black) stitch below ch1, hdc x2, 2hdc, hdc changing to Grey, hdc, {2hdc, hdc x2} x7, hdc into the first st again, sl st into the first Cream hdc st to join (36)


Pick up your Cream yarn and ch1, skip the first stitch below ch1, 2hdc, hdc x3, 2hdc changing to Grey yarn on the last st, {hdc x3, 2hdc} x7, hdc x2, hdc into the skipped first st, sl st into the first Cream hdc st to join, cut Cream yarn here leaving a short tail to weave in (45)

Remove the loop from hook and hold with a stitch maker (or just pull the loop long). Take a moment to weave in your Cream and starting Black yarn ends here, leaving only the long Black tail.

We will now add the Cream inner ears, before finishing with a final round in Grey.

An image of how the koala coasters should look after round 5

Add the ears:

Using Cream yarn, make a slip knot and slip stitch into the 8th Grey stitch along to join, *skip 3 stitches, 9trc into the 4th st along, skip 3, sl st into the 4th st along to join and fasten off.*
Skip 6 stitches along and join Cream yarn to the 7th stitch along, like before.
Repeat between * to make the second inner ear. (9 sts for each ear)

An image showing how the koala coaster should look after adding the ears


Replace your hook into the held Grey stitch and work the following slip stitches loosely to allow them to sit flat along the curve.
Note: the “base” of the ears are the same stitches that you previously slip stitched to join the Beige yarn into at the beginning and end of each ear.

Skip the first st and sl st x14 along the stitches of R5. up to the base of the ear, working along the trc stitches of the first ear, sc, [sc, p, sc] x4, 2sc x3, sc, sl st into the base of the other side of the ear, sl st x7 to the base of the second ear, working along the trc stitches of the second ear, sc, 2sc x3, [sc, p, sc] x4, sc, sl st into the base of the other side of the ear, sl st x8 to meet the beginning again. (95 [each picot stitch is counted as 4 stitches]) 

Fasten off with an invisible join – cut yarn, pull the end up through the last st, use your yarn needle to thread the tail end through the second sl st along and back through the middle of the last st. Pull to create a faux stitch top over the first stitch. Thread the tail up through the back loop of the real first stitch to hook onto the stitch and then weave in your end to secure. Weave in your Cream ends from the ears as well.

A view of the koala coaster completed before adding the eyes

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Embroidering the Koala’s Eyes

Take your Black yarn end, and thread it through the back of Grey stitches along the 3rd round, until you are 6 stitches up from the Black area.

Step 1.

Thread out in between R3. and R4., and make a line 2 stitches long downwards, so that you go back through 4 stitch up from the Black area.

Step 2.

Thread out through the middle of the 2 stitches and back through at the bottom of the previous line.

Step 3.

Repeat Step 2. to thicken the stitch.

A step by step instructional image of how to embroider the eyes for the koala coasters, part 1.

Now carefully feed the tail yarn through the back of the Grey stitches of R3. (ensuring that the Black yarn doesn’t show through on the front), until you’re 6 stitches up from the Black on the other side, and repeat Steps 1-3 for the second eye. Then, carefully feed the yarn back towards the middle on the back, and weave in to secure to the back of the nose area.

A step by step instructional image of how to embroider the eyes for the koala coasters, part 2.


You have now completed your Koala Coaster! I hope you’ve enjoyed making this free Koala Coaster crochet pattern. You can browse through all of my other crochet patterns here, including many more free designs.

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An image showing 4 koala shaped crocheted coasters displayed with a glass of orange juice

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