Free Easter Egg Chick Crochet Pattern

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Welcome to the first pattern of my Easter CAL, the Easter Egg Chick Creme Egg Cosy.

These can also be made into pencil toppers instead, by following the pattern below and then adding a Pencil Topper insert.

Contents List For Crocheting an Easter Egg Chick

A photo of 3 Easter egg chick shaped Creme Egg covers with a Cadbury's Creme Egg.

All crochet patterns from Hooked On Patterns are written using US crochet terms.

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A Pinterest Pin image showing 3 crochet chicks with a Creme Egg and examples of the other animals in the Easter CAL set with the words "Free Easter Crochet A-long Easter Egg Chick Crochet Pattern".

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What You’ll Need to Make Easter Egg Chicks

You will need some Chunky (US Bulky) weight acrylic yarn. I have used Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky acrylic yarn in Buttercup Yellow (322) for the main body and Blood Orange (319) for the beak.

You will also need a small amount of DK weight yarn or embroidery floss in Black for embroidering the eyes.
A 5mm crochet hook, or hook needed for the gauge.
A stitch marker, yarn needle and scissors.

Pattern Notes for Making the Easter Egg Chick

Crochet Gauge for the Easter Egg Chicks:

These cosies are designed to fit a standard 40g size Cadbury’s Creme Egg chocolate.
As it’s quite difficult to work and measure a gauge swatch in the round, I recommend trying the piece over the egg as you go. It should fit over comfortably without having to stretch or being too loose. If you find it too tight to fit over your egg, go up a hook size. If you find it very baggy around your egg, go down a hook size.

An instruction photo showing how the Easter egg animals should fit over the top of the Creme Egg chocolates

The finished egg cover opening will need to be stretched over the egg when fitting. The last round should sit beneath the egg, giving it a cushion to stand up on.

An instruction photo showing how the Easter egg animals should fit around the Creme Egg chocolates

If you just want to make the pencil toppers, gauge isn’t too important.

Invisible Join – Crochet Finishing Technique:

We will be using an invisible join technique to finish off the egg animal bodies, and the chick wings. This will give you a neat, seamless, edge around. To do this, cut your yarn after the last stitch, leaving a couple of inches of tail, and pull the end up through the last stitch made. Use your yarn needle to thread the end through under both loops of the second stitch along, and back into the middle of that last stitch. Pull to tighten, creating a faux stitch top over the first stitch. You may notice the real first stitch top poking out a little at the back. Thread the end up through the back loop of the real first stitch, and weave the end into the inside of the body. Trim off any excess.

An instructional step by step photo showing how to make the crochet invisible join finishing technique

Crochet Stitches & Terms Used For the Easter Egg Chick

This pattern is written using US crochet terms. Please refer to my Crochet Terms Conversion Chart for help with translating into UK terms.

The pattern uses the following basic US crochet stitches:
(mr) Magic Ring, (sl st) Slip Stitch, (sc) Single Crochet, (hdc) Half Double Crochet, (inc) Increase – 2sc in the same stitch, (dec) Decrease (Invisible) – hook through the front loops only of the next 2 stitches and work a single crochet. Invisible Join finishing technique as explained above.

When slip stitching to level off, ensure you keep the stitch the same tension as your other stitches, do not pull this tight as if joining rounds.

Numbers shown within ( ) indicates the number of stitches you should have at the end of the row/round.

Instructions shown within [ ] are to be worked into the same stitch.

To help you read this pattern, the commas represent each stitch or the number of stitches after x. For example: “sc, inc,” would mean sc into next st, increase (2sc) in the following st. Or “sc x3, inc,” would mean sc into each of the next 3 stitches, increase in the following st.

Crocheting the Main Chick Body

We will be working in continuous rounds. Keep track of your rounds by marking your first stitch with a stitch marker.

Using Yellow yarn, start with a magic ring,


6sc into mr, pull closed (6)


inc x6 (12)


*inc, sc x3*, repeat between * a total of 3 times (15)


*sc x4, inc*, repeat between * a total of 3 times (18)


sc in each st (18)


*inc, sc x5*, repeat between * a total of 3 times (21)


sc in each st (21 for 3 rounds)


*sc x5, dec*, repeat between * a total of 3 times (18)


*sc x4, dec*, repeat between * a total of 3 times (15)


sc x14, sl st into the last stitch to level off, fasten off with an invisible join (15)

A photo showing the finished crochet Easter egg chick body

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Embroidering the Face onto Your Easter Egg

Embroidering The Eyes:

Using your thinner Black yarn, embroider the eyes over R5. of the body. Start by threading through the inside of the body to secure the yarn end.

Step 1. Thread out through a stitch gap below R5., and make an outwards diagonal line, going into a stitch gap above R5..

Step 2. Following the direction of the diagonal slant, come out through the next stitch gap along on the same row and make back stitch.

Step 3. Thread out through the end of the previous back stitch and make an outwards diagonal line down through below R5.. This makes the basic eye shape, we will now add eyelashes (you can skip the eyelashes if you’d prefer).

An instructional step by step photo showing how to embroider the eyes onto the crochet chick body

Step 4. Thread out through the next stitch gap along outwards of this lower row, and make a line up to the previous diagonal line, piercing through the middle of the R5. row.

Step 5. Thread out through the next stitch gap along on the row above and make a line inwards, towards the end of the centre back stitch. Eyelashes complete.
Thread through the inside of the body, towards the beginning, to secure the yarn.

An instructional step by step photo showing how to embroider the eyelashes onto the crochet chick body

Skip 2 stitch gaps of the lower row and come out through the 3rd stitch gap along to start the second eye. Repeat the above steps for the second eye. Trim off excess yarn.

Embroidering The Chick’s Beak:

Using Orange yarn, embroider the beak in between the eyes. Secure your end inside again, make a line along the row below R5., using the 2 stitch gaps you skipped in between the eyes. Make a V shape going down 1 row from each end of this line to create the triangular beak shape, and then make another line in the middle to fill in the triangle. Secure the yarn inside and trim to finish.

An instructional step by step photo showing how to embroider the beak onto the crochet chick body

Crocheting the Chick Wings

The wings are made in continuous rounds, starting with a row in the middle.
Using Yellow yarn, make 2 as follows:

Start with a slip knot, ch2, loosen the loop on hook and make a 3rd chain (we don’t want this turning chain to get too tight as we will be working into it),


work along the back bumps of the chain starting from the 2nd ch from hook, sc x2, ch1 (We will use both sides of the sc stitches, plus the 2 chains at either end, giving a total count of 6 stitches for this round)

An instructional step by step photo showing how to crochet the chick wings


beginning with the back of the starting chain, sc x2, inc through both loops of the end ch st, sc x2, inc through both loops of the last ch st (8)



sc x2, [sc, hdc], [hdc, sc], sc x2, inc, sc, fasten off with an invisible join leaving a tail for attaching. (11)

An instructional step by step photo showing how to finish the crocheted chick wings

Attaching The Chick’s Wings:

Attach by whip stitching the 4 stitches along the curved edge to the body, at a slight downwards angle, in line below the edge of the eyes.

An instructional step by step photo showing how to attach the wings onto the crochet chick body



You have now completed your Chick Easter Egg Cover.

If you would like to convert this into a pencil topper, just follow the instructions here:

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A photo showing 3 finished crochet Easter egg chicks


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