13 Crochet Patterns To Make And Sell

13 Crochet Patterns To Make And Sell

This is a list of my recommended crochet patterns to make and sell, ideal for craft fairs or selling online.

It’s better to make general items that don’t require much sizing, like coasters and home accessories. And with Christmas on the horizon, stocking fillers are a great idea.

Items that are quick to make and use little yarn offer the best opportunity to make a profit. But, of course, they still need to appeal to your audience.

Fun Crafts To Make And Sell

Crochet is a rewarding crafts hobby to take up. If you’re new and wondering how to get started, check out my post on learning crochet.

Let’s see what I came up with!

Crochet Patterns To Make And Sell


Free Heart Coaster Crochet Pattern

These heart coasters are simplistic, yet appealing, allowing them to blend into any home decor. They use a small amount of yarn and are so quick to make in only 6 rounds, giving you a great profit margin opportunity!

You could sell them in sets, or offer them individually with a discount for multiples.

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Pyjama Monsters Case Crochet Pattern

These monster pyjama cases would make great gifts for kids, especially in their Christmas Eve boxes along with their new pyjamas! They are bright and fun, which would attract visitors to your stall. They are also quick to whip up, as they use the Moss Stitch, you essentially work half the number of stitches.

If you're selling these on a craft stall, it's a good idea to show one stuffed with pyjamas as an example.

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Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern

These sunflower baskets offer a bright and unique home decor idea, not only that, they are actually useful! You can adjust the size of these baskets by using different yarn weights and hook sizes to offer a selection.

You can show these used for storing trinkets, or fill them with sweets to entice customers to your stall.

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Santa Gonk Crochet Pattern

These jolly little Santa Gonks are sure to attract visitors to your Christmas crafts stall. These great novelty Christmas decorations would appeal to those looking to decorate their own homes, or those shopping for fun festive gifts.

With this Santa Gonk crochet pattern, you can make many other Gonks with the free outfits available in A Gonk's Journey, so they're not just for Christmas!

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Free Crochet Shower Puff Pattern

These shower puffs are great little luxury items, as a self pampering treat or as gifts. They would also appeal to the eco-friendly minded consumer, favouring long lasting washable cotton over plastic shower puffs.

You could create cute mini spa packs by packaging these with a little bottle of shower gel.

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Free Mandala Coasters Crochet Pattern

These fun coasters are great for using up your scrap leftover yarns, so you could make a profit from your waste products! They are super quick and easy to make, and you can create different styles just by changing yarn colours.

A random mix of colours make these vibrant mandala style coasters, using a single colour will give a lacy effect, or coordinate the colours to create pretty flower coasters.

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Bag, Purse & Case Crochet Pattern

This one crochet pattern creates 3 different items. A small handbag for carrying the essentials, a case for glasses, pencils, or crochet hooks, and a coin purse or small pouch. They are quick and easy to make, with the main bag and flap made in only 4 rounds!

You can market these individually or as matching sets.

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Apple Coaster Crochet Pattern

These creative apple coaster sets are sure to attract interest. Handy coasters in a fun fruit shaped holder which doubles up as a display item when the coasters are not in use. Other fruit shapes are also available.

These fun coaster sets would make a great housewarming gift, or an ideal gift for fruit fanatics!

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Free Crochet Christmas Tree Garland

This tree garland would make a beautiful Christmas decoration. You can also make individual trees to use as hanging decorations, or even as gift tags.

Keep them plain for a more rustic look, or decorate them with beads and ribbons for a more festive style.

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Free Crochet Heart Basket Pattern

These heart baskets can be made in any size by changing the yarn weight and hook sizes. Create a whole range in different sizes for different uses, from small trinket baskets to large storage baskets.

The classic heart design is sure to appeal to the masses.

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Free Crochet Soap Scrub Pattern

As an alternative to the shower puffs, you could offer these handy soap scrubs. They are quick to make and use little yarn, offering a great profit margin.

Team them with handcrafted soaps to make a luxury gift set.

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Gingerbread Man Free Crochet Pattern

These cute gingerbread men would make great little stocking filler gifts. The pattern includes both male and female forms, so you can make a whole family of gingerbread. They can be used as tree decorations, ornaments, or even as keyrings.

These would be great pocket money items for kids to purchase for their friends.

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Turtle Coasters Crochet Pattern

These little show stoppers will attract some attention. Shell design coasters stored inside a turtle holder. While the coasters are in use, the turtles can hide away in their shells!

Demonstrate the hideaway action at your stall to attract customers and generate interest.

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