Free Crochet Bunny Pattern Kawaii Bunnies

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Create some cute kawaii-style bunnies with this free crochet bunny pattern! These little bunnies are simple yet adorable. They are also quick and easy to crochet, so you can make Easter gifts for all of the kids!

Quick Easter Gift Idea – Kawaii Bunny

You can vary the sizes of your bunnies by simply changing your hook size and/or yarn weight. I recommend using acrylic yarn for this project. You can use any yarn weight you like, your chosen yarn weight and hook size will determine the size of your finished crochet bunny.

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Crochet Bunny Free Pattern Kawaii Bunny

All crochet patterns from Hooked On Patterns are written using
US crochet terms.

This crochet bunny pattern is free to view online below. You also have the option to purchase the ad-free PDF download which contains in-depth, high-quality photographs, including colour change and sewing guidance, not available online. You will also receive a separate printer-friendly version for just £3.00


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What You’ll Need to Crochet a Bunny

I have used Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky (US Bulky) with a 5mm hook for my 3 larger bunnies, and Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran (US Worsted) with a 4.5mm hook for my smaller beige bunny and 4mm hook for my smallest White bunny.

Here are the approximate measurements of my bunnies for reference, measuring from the base to top of ears and the widest points of the head:
Chunky/Bulky & 5mm hook = H: 7.5”/19cm x W: 4”/10cm
Aran/Worsted & 4.5mm hook = H: 6.5”/16cm x W: 3”/7.5cm
Aran/Worsted & 4mm hook = H: 6”/15cm x W: 2.5”/6.5cm

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

You can use any weight acrylic yarn and make your bunny any colour you like. You will need approximately 100yards of your body colour, plus approx. 15yards of Pink, and a little Black and White, all in the same yarn weight.


Exact gauge isn’t important for this project, keep your stitches compact by using a hook half a size or one size smaller than recommended for your chosen yarn. For example, 4.5mm or 4mm for Worsted weight yarn which recommends using a 5mm hook.

You will also need some Toy Stuffing, a Stitch Marker, a Yarn Needle, and Scissors to make your crochet bunny.

Crochet Bunny Pattern Slicker Brush

If you would like to fluff up the bunny’s tail, or make the whole bunny a little furry, you’ll need a wire brush.
I have borrowed my crochet buddy’s slicker brush, if you don’t have one, you can often find them cheaply at discount stores. It’s a great tool to have, for creating fun fluffy effects with yarn.

Ready to get started?

Copyright: This free Kawaii Easter Bunny pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Ling Ryan/Hooked On Patterns. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials or translating into other languages. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Ling Ryan or Hooked On Patterns as the designer if you do sell. By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all T&Cs.


This free crochet bunny pattern, uses the following US crochet stitches and terms:

(mr) Magic ring, (sc) Single Crochet, (inc) Increase – 2sc in the same stitch, (dec) Decrease (invisible) – hook through the front loops only of the next 2 stitches and sc.

Numbers shown in ( ) indicates the number of stitches you should have at the end of the row/round.


To help you read this pattern, the commas represent each stitch or the number of stitches after x. For example; {sc, inc,} would mean sc into next st, increase (2sc) in next st. Or {sc x3, inc,} would mean sc in each of the next 3 stitches, increase in the following st.

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

Crochet Bunny Head:

We will be working in continuous rounds, mark the first stitch of each round with your stitch marker to keep your place.
Using your chosen body colour, start with a magic ring,


sc x6 into mr, pull closed (6)


inc in each st (12)


*inc, sc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (18)


*sc x2, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (24)


sc, *inc, sc x3,* repeat between * a total of 5 times, inc, sc x2 (30)


*sc x4, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (36)



sc x2, *inc, sc x5,* repeat between * a total of 5 times, inc, sc x3 (42)


sc in each st (42 for 7 rounds)


*sc x5, dec,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (36)


sc x2, *dec, sc x4,* repeat between * a total of 5 times, dec, sc x2 (30)


*dec, sc x3,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (24)


*sc x2, dec,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (18) Continue onto the body.

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

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Crochet Bunny Body:

We will now work the body straight onto the head section. There will be slight shaping to the back of the bunny. As this is only a slight difference, we will be marking the back-most point to make it easier to find later. For this, we will just use a little 2” piece of scrap yarn. Don’t stuff the head yet, follow the instructions later to make it easier to work with.


*sc x2, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (24)


sc, *inc, sc x3,* repeat between * a total of 5 times, inc, sc x2 (30)


*sc x4, inc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (36) Stuff the head section firmly here.


sc x2, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x4, inc, sc x23 (39)


sc x5, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x26 (41)


sc x10, place a piece of scrap yarn against the post of the last st to mark this point before continuing, sc x31 (41) Keep this marker in place until you come to attach the tail later. Ensure you don’t catch on the marker yarn, so that you can easily pull it out afterwards.


sc x5, dec, sc x6, dec, sc x26 (39)


sc x2, dec, sc x4, dec, sc x4, dec, sc x23 (36)


*sc x4, dec,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (30)


sc, *dec, sc x3,* repeat between * a total of 5 times, dec, sc x2 (24)


*sc x2, dec,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (18) Stuff the body here, leaving the yarn marker in place.


*sc, dec,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (12)


dec x6 (6) Cut the yarn leaving a long tail and pull the end through the last st to fasten off. Thread the end through the front loops of the last 6 stitches and pull to close.


We will now add a dip to the front to suggest the legs. Feed the tail end through to the back, coming out at your marker point. Loop around the post at the back and then feed the needle through directly opposite, coming out 5 rounds up from the closing circle (you can squash the body to make your needle reach). Thread the yarn back through 3 rounds up from where you came out, exiting at the marker point again. Pull the yarn to make a dip at the front and weave in the end to secure in place.

Free Kawaii Easter Bunny Pattern

Crochet Bunny Ears:

The ears are worked in continuous rounds again, use your stitch marker to keep track. We will add Pink to the inner ears.

When changing colours, start to work the last stitch in the current colour as normal (to get 2 loops on hook) and then pull through the next colour to complete the stitch.

Crochet around the dropped body colour to carry it forward, but just drop and leave the Pink until you use it again for the next round. When you pick up the Pink again, just let the yarn run across the back of work. Crochet around the starting and tail ends of the Pink yarn to secure while working.


For the pattern, B is for the body colour and P is for the Pink inner ear.

Make 2 as follows:

Using your body colour, start with a magic ring,


sc x6 into mr, pull closed (6)


inc in each st (12)


*inc, sc,* repeat between * a total of 6 times (18)

We will start adding Pink from the next round. Remember to finish off the last stitch of the current colour with the new colour.


B sc x6, P sc x4, B sc x8 (18 for 3 rounds)


B dec, sc x4, P dec, sc x2, B sc x2, dec, sc x4 (15)


B sc x5, P sc x3, B sc x7 (15)


B sc x4, dec over 2 colours (for this, go down through the next front loop and up the Pink front loop to hide the colour jog), P dec, B dec, sc x5 (12)


B sc x3, dec, P sc, B dec, sc x4 (10) Cut Pink yarn and work with your body colour only again from here on.


sc in each st (10)


sc x2, dec, sc x2, dec, sc x2 (8) Cut yarn leaving a long tail for attaching.

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

Attach the Bunny’s ears:

Attach the ears to your head with the Pink side facing forward. I have marked the joining positions with yellow dots in the photo for visual guidance.

With your bunny front facing you, find the horizontal half way of the top of head and attach ears starting 2 rounds out from the centre. Follow the slight forward diagonal line of the stitches when attaching.

Free Kawaii Easter Bunny Pattern


If you want your bunny to be a little furry, brush over the whole body and body coloured parts of the ears with a wire brush now, before adding the face. Brush in all different directions to really fluff up the fibres.


Make 2 as follows:

Using Black yarn, start with a magic ring,


sc x6 into mr, pull closed (6)


sl st in each st (6)

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for attaching. Pull the end out through the last st to bring the tail to the front and use your yarn needle to feed it back through at the base of the first slip stitch, to the back of work again. Working this extra round of slip stitches will help keep a firmer and rounder shape for the eyes.

Position your eyes so that the top lines up just under the 9th round down from the top of head, directly under the ears. Start with pulling the starting tail ends into the head under the 10th round, to hide the ends. Sew the eyes into position, using a running stitch, with the tail ends. Feed the excess tail through the head to hide before trimming.


Add White highlights by making a couple of small stitches, off centre, at the top of eyes. Start by feeding White yarn in through the side of the head, coming out through the centre of one eye, bring the yarn up and thread back through the head a little off centre from the top, thread in again at the same point you exited, back out the centre of eye again, and out of head slightly over to the right of the first stitch. Go back in at the point of exit and feed the yarn to the middle of the face to reach the next eye. Repeat the process for the second eye, keeping the highlights facing the same direction.

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Adding the Bunny’s Nose:

Using Pink yarn, embroider a V shape in between the eyes. Start next to an eye, just below halfway down, bring the yarn 2 rows down and through the centre point, come back out in the same position next to the other eye, finish at the same centre point. You can go over these lines again, if you feel they need to be thicker.

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

Adding the Bunny’s Tail:

Make a pompom with your body colour yarn. You can make the tail any size you prefer. I have simply wrapped yarn around 3 fingers about 20 times, slipped it off, tied another strand of yarn firmly around the centre leaving one side of this strand long for attaching, and then cut through the folded parts on both sides. You can now trim the ends to make a rounder shape.

For a fluffy tail, simply brush out your pompom with a wire brush. Make sure you pinch the middle firmly to prevent the strands coming out.

Attach your tail by sewing onto the body at the yarn marker point. Insert your needle next to the marker to hold the spot and then pull out the scrap yarn before attaching.

Here are examples of the different effects of brushing:

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

Congratulations! You’ve crocheted a Bunny

You have completed your cute little crochet bunny!

I have made these with crocheted eyes to keep them child friendly. If you would like to use safety eyes instead, I would suggest that you work the body up to R24., where you place the marker for the back, so you can tell which direction is the front of head, before inserting your eyes and stuffing the head.

Free Kawaii Easter Crochet Bunny Pattern

Remember, you can support me by purchasing the crochet bunny PDF download which contains extra in-depth, high-quality, photographs throughout. There are also step-by-step images to help explain colour changing, forming the legs, and adding the highlights and nose details. You would receive a separate, image-free, printer-friendly copy too!

I hope you have enjoyed making this free Easter crochet bunny pattern. You can find all of my crochet patterns here, including more FREE patterns.

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