11 Awesomely Creative Crochet Coasters

Creative Crochet Coasters

I love making crochet coasters. They are quick and easy to make, and useful too!

They can be plain and simple and still add a lovely touch to your home decor. Or you can get more creative with them.

I’ve designed many crochet coasters over the last few years, from simple designs to more imaginative show pieces, sure to grab the attention of house guests.

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Free Sunflower Basket Crochet Pattern

Free Sunflower Baskets Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Add a splash of Summer to your home with these Sunflower baskets!

This is the second part of my 2 part Sunflowers set. Check out my previous pattern for the matching Sunflower coasters.

These handy little baskets would brighten up your living room, or make a lovely housewarming gift. They are perfect for storing little bits and bobs, like your change and keys, or fill them with sweets for a welcoming coffee table display.

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Free Crochet Cushion Cover Design

Free Granny Stripe Heart Cushion Cover Crochet Pattern Featured Image

Snuggle up with my new free heart crochet cushion cover design!

This is part 2, of my 2 part Granny Stripe Heart Snuggle Set. Part 1, the matching hot water bottle cover, can be found here.

These would add a loving touch to your home, or make a wonderful gift.

The crochet pattern uses the Granny Stripe stitch and 4 colours to create a gradient effect design, but you can use any colour combination you like.

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