Free Crochet Scarf Pattern Super Chunky

Free Super Chunky Textured Scarf Crochet Pattern

FREE SUPER CHUNKY SCARF CROCHET PATTERN This is a free crochet scarf pattern for a super chunky, ribbed textured, scarf with braided cable design pockets. My finished scarf measures approximately 8 feet long by 1 foot wide. You can adjust the length to suit the wearer. Scroll down to view the FREE crochet scarf patternAll crochet … Read more

Thanksgiving Crochet Gonk Outfits

THANKSGIVING CROCHET GONK OUTFITS! So, I’m sure you would have seen by now, Adam Gonk was called out via Facebook. There was a post made by an elementary school teacher, from the kids at her school, asking for Adam Gonk to star in their Thanksgiving play. This post kinda went a bit viral, it received … Read more

Crochet Christmas Patterns – Gifts & ideas!

Chrismas Crochet Xmas Gift Ideas Post

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and a crocheted item can make the perfect gift. Making them up takes a little longer than buying presents online, so crocheters have to start their preparations earlier in the year. With that in mind I have put together the festive Christmas offerings available here at Hooked On … Read more

Free Doll Mermaid Crochet Pattern

Eve Gonk. A socialite, fashion icon, and party primer. Eve, snapped here on the white satin carpet, where she adorned a mermaid tail and bikini top for an A-listed fancy dressed charity event. With multi coloured hair, she was the vibrant essence that always demanded the attention of the camera.  This week, I worked on … Read more

New Crochet Gonk Outfits – The Heroes

NEW CROCHET GONK OUTFITS – HEROES! In 1992, the NIMEGU company released, what would become their flag-ship franchise game, GONK HEROES (Full title, GONK HEROES: Working together to keep the world safe). Designed for their 16-bit Superior Nimegu Fun Console (abbreviated to SNFC), GONK HEROES was the highest selling home console video game that year. … Read more