A Gonk’s Journey Crochet

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A Gonk's Journey crochet

Hooked On Patterns HQ are working tirelessly to produce the new season of A Gonk’s Journey. The first free outfit crochet pattern for the year was released last month. Cupid Gonk, or the “Love Gonk”, was a valentine’s day special. 

To find the new outfits just click ‘A Gonk’s Journey‘ on our menu bar above and select ‘Gonk’s Day Out‘.

Becoming Santa‘, is last year’s adventure and includes a number of free crochet patterns (outfits and accessories).

You only need to purchase the original Santa Gonk for the base.


Perfecting a crochet pattern takes multiple trials. This can leave small piles of yarn everywhere! As a little sneak peek at the upcoming Gonk outfits, here is an example of what is produced in the process of making just one small accessory piece. The Journey will continue on Saturday 18th Feb 2017.

A Gonk's Journey crochet


‘Gonk’s Day Out’ will be more of a docusoap, following Adam around, as he searches for inspiration for new outfits that can be tailor made to fit his unique shape.

This year, the new Gonk outfit patterns will be released in themed Packs. Each Pack will contain 4 new outfits for the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern.1 of the 4 in each Pack will be available for FREE on the website. You can purchase the complete 4 Pack PDF Pattern Download, including reference photos, for only £1.50.

The small fee is to help with running costs around here, so that we can keep A Gonk’s Journey going. We hope you will support us in purchasing if you would like the extra patterns in the Packs.

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