15 Stylish Free Crochet Top Patterns

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What better way to get summer-ready than crocheting yourself a stunning new stylish top?

Stay cool through the warmer months, keep yourself occupied for a good few days, and look absolutely fabulous for any occasion – whether it’s a family picnic, a beach day, or a trip to the local ice cream parlour for a cone of Rocky Road and Almond Crunch.

Why bother wasting time searching the stores to find the perfect top when you can just crochet your own? The best part is, you can choose the exact colour you want it in!

We’ve rounded up 15 stylish crochet top patterns which are absolutely FREE. Scroll through the selection below, pick your favourite, and get started!

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An image of 4 different crocheted tops in yellow, blue, red and green

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1 Aviva Summer Top by Hooked On Patterns

A photo of a blue mesh top crocheted casual summer tee

If you’re daunted by the idea of making your own summer crochet top and how you’ll get it just right (especially if it’s your first), this is the perfect pattern for you. It’s simple to read, simpler to make, but doesn’t compromise on style.

2 Summer Waves Tunic by Crafting For Weeks

Summer Waves Tunic by Crafting For Weeks

This free crochet top pattern is bright and breezy and the stitch repeat makes it look positively lacy! You can style it with a pair of jeans or slip it over your bathing suit when you hit the beaches this summer.


3 Easy Summer Tee by Yay for Yarn

A photo of a model wearing a pink textured crochet summer top

Crochet up two rectangles, grab a yarn needle, a few stitches here and there and this tee will be all set to join your wardrobe! Its lightweight, allows the breeze to come through, and is a quick project to get your hands on.


4 Chasing Diamonds Tunic by I Need It Crochet

A stunning open work diamond crocheted top in royal blue

There is just so much happening in this crochet top and we can’t get enough of it! From the side panels to the gorgeous diamonds running down the centre front and back to that high curved neckline — but don’t fret! The pattern is very clear and easy to both read and follow.


5 Pretty Stitch Crochet Top by Craft-Her

A model wearing an aqua coloured, texture rich, crochet top accessorised with a slim black belt.

Who doesn’t like a bit of texture in their crocheted clothing? This top is comfortable, stylish, and comes with a nice textured look to it which sets it apart from all of your other tees. You can complement its simplicity with all sorts of chunky bangles, necklaces, and earrings for a splash of personality wherever you go!


6 Ava Shell Top by Ambassador Crochet

A photo of a lacey shell stitch sleeveless crochet top in beige

You can wear this top as it is or over another top and it works both ways. Simple yet chic, this gorgeous vest utilizes the shell stitch which, we think, is the reminder you need to take a beach day as soon as possible!


7 Marley Lace Top by Nicole Chase

A lacey mesh detailed crocheted sleeveless top

With a mesh upper part and a solid bottom, this free crochet top pattern gives you the best of both worlds! There are all sorts of helpful tips in this pattern, including schematics and a sizing chart, which will help you get it just right for yourself.


8 Tunisian Summer Top by Raffamusa Designs

An image of a loose knit style Tunisian crocheted vest top

This beautiful vest is different from the other patterns because it has that tank-esque look to it and is made up with Tunisian crochet. If you’re not familiar with Tunisian crochet, this pattern will help you through every step so you’ll get both a top AND a free crochet lesson out of it.


9 Valerie Tee by Two Brothers Blankets

A photo of a coral coloured filet mesh style summer crochet top

Here’s another gorgeous pattern which, once all ready, you can wear in two ways – off-the-shoulder or as a regular top. There’s a bit of filet crochet in there too if you’re looking to try something new.


10 Wandering Free Top by A Crocheted Simplicity

A photo of a model wearing a stylish textured crochet top

This pattern comes with a few special stitches so if you’re a beginner looking for a challenge, this is the one for you! And for all of those advanced crocheters out there, it’s always nice to make something light and fun.


11 Modern Summer Top by Jenny and Teddy

A photo of a modern style Granny stitch crocheted sleeveless top

Crocheters often think granny squares are best for Afghans or other blanket types. But we’re here to tell you that’s not true! You can use the classic Granny stitch for any number of projects, including this classy crochet top.


12 Twinkle Tank by Ned and Mimi

A photo of a delicately textured crochet top laying on a wooden table

This free crochet top pattern is elegant, with the slightest hints of stitch changes that will give it just the right amounts of personality. The top is worked up in white with a twinkling texture and a nice bit of fitting to give it shape.


13 Clarice Top by Crochet Kim

A photo of a delicate lacey crochet tank top, crocheted in dark blue

If you’re worried that super lacy tops may slip right off your shoulders, the Clarice top is sure to solve that problem. Because while it’s got that lace, the shoulders are solid and will keep your top secure on you. Who doesn’t love a top that’s both practical and fabulous?


14 Melanie Tank Top by Divine Debris

A block striped crochet tank top in ombre shades from cream to purple

If you’ve got a lot of colours of yarn lying around and not many tiny projects on your list, this is a pattern which will eat that scrap yarn right up! Make as many stripes as you’d like in as many colours as you want and we’re sure the result will be absolutely wonderful!


15 Summer Romance Top by Blue Star Crochet

A beautiful, cream coloured, lacey crocheted t-shirt

We’re concluding this roundup with a pattern that not only teaches you how to make a wonderful piece of clothing but the article will give you all sorts of insight on selecting yarn, adjusting for your size, and much more.


And there you have it, 15 gorgeous crochet top designs, including my very own Aviva Summer Top! I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my selection, and have been inspired to start your next (or first) crocheted garment project.

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