Tribal Gonk Free Crochet Pattern – Doll Clothes

Tribal Gonk free crochet pattern – Doll clothes

Please remember, you will still need the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories. You can purchase your copy here, Santa Gonk, or via our Ravelry store.

Tribal gonk free crochet pattern

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Base: Use a Nude Gonk as your base, see Adam Gonk for instructions.

Straw skirt free crochet pattern

Using a golden Yellow colTribal gonk free crochet patternour yarn to represent straw, chain 36 and join to form a circle,

1. sc in each ch, sl st to join. (36)
2. sc in each st, sl st to join. (36)
3. sl st along the previous joins to bring the yarn back to the starting chain.

Work crab stitches (single crochets working towards the right instead of left) along the other side of the starting chain to finish the top edge of the waistband.

4. Add straw sTribal gonk free crochet patterntrands using the same method for adding hair to the middle of the waistband. I have added a few different shades and thickness of yellow and beige yarn to add more texture. You may find it easier to place the waistband on your Gonk to hold in place while adding the straw. To fit on to your Gonk, pull on from the base. 

Mask – Tribal doll free crochet pattern

Tribal gonk free crochet patternUsing Brown for wood colour yarn, chain 15 and join to form a circle.
R1. 2sc in same ch as join, sc x4, 3sc, sc x4, 3sc, sc x4, sc in same ch as beginning, sl st into first sc to join. (21)
R2. ch1, 2sc in same st as join, sc x6, 3sc, sc x6, 3sc, sc x6, sc in same st as beginning, sl st to join. (27)
R3. ch1, 2sc in same st as join, sc x8, 3sc, sc x8, 3sc, sc x8, sc in same st as beginning, sl st to join. (33)
R4. ch1, sc in same st as join, sc x10, 3sc, sc x10, 3sc, sc x10, 2sc in same st as beginning, sl st to join.(33)
R5. Turn, ch1, sc x14 working along the wrong side of one side of the triangle. (14)
R6. -R9. Turn, ch1, sc x14 (14 for 4 rows)
R10. Turn, ch1, sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc, sl st, ch2, [dc, trc], [trc, dc], ch2, sl st, sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc. (22)

Now decorate your mask in any way you wish! You could even add beads, buttons, or felt.
I have embroidered a mouth and eyes with white yarn and used the surface slip stitch technique to add decorative lines.
For the surface slip stitch technique use a smaller hook – hook through a gap in the mask (in between stitches) at the point you want to start your line, place the yarn you want to add behind the piece and pull up a loop, hook through again at the next gap along, pull up a loop and slip the first loop over. Continue for the desired area you want to make you lines, cut the yarn and pull the end through the last loop to finish, pull the end through to the back of piece and weave in the ends. Simply place over your Gonk’s nose to wear the mask.

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Bonus Pattern! Hula Gonk free crochet pattern

For those who have created a female Gonk to keep Adam company on his journey, here’s a little bonus pattern for the girly Gonks. (You can now purchase Christmas Eve Gonk)

Make the Straw Skirt using green coloured yarn for a Grass Skirt and then make a coconut bra.

Coconut Bra

Make 2 coconut cups

Start with a magic ring,
R1. sc x4 into ring, sl st to join. (4)
R2. 2sc in each st, sl st to join. (8)
R3. sc in each st, sl st to join.
Fasten off and weave in ends (8)

Make straps and join

Tribal gonk free crochet patternch20, sl st into a stitch on one coconut cup, ch3, sl st into the st on opposite side of coconut cup (chain going across the back of cup), ch3, sl st into a st on the other coconut cup, ch3, sl st into the stitch on the opposite side of cup, ch20, cut yarn and pull through loop to fasten off, trim excess ends. Join yarn to coconut cup in the next st above the side strap, ch23, sl st into the st above the other side strap, fasten off and weave in ends.

To fit Gonk, place the top loop over the Gonk’s head and tie the side straps at the back.

Laticia Slouchy Socks Crochet PatternCongratulations!
You have completed the Tribal Gonk free crochet pattern

Crochet these bright slouchy socks!

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