Fisherman Gonk Free Crochet Pattern – Doll Clothes

Fisherman Gonk free crochet pattern – Doll clothes

Please remember, you will still need the original Santa Gonk crochet pattern to follow these free add-on outfits and accessories. You can purchase your copy here, Santa Gonk, or via our Ravelry store.

 Fisherman Gonk Free Crochet Pattern

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Fisherman gonk free crochet patternIf you would like to make another Gonk with clothing colours, follow this guide for colour changes:
Work the main body as detailed in the original Santa Gonk pattern from R1. to R13. in Yellow yarn. Work R14.R15. in Black for a belt. Work R16. to R19. in White yarn for a vest. Work R20. to R30. in flesh colour for the head. Work the arms all in flesh colour yarn.
Follow the placement instructions as detailed in the nude Adam Gonk to attach your nose and arms to ensure the outfit fits correctly.

Fisherman jacket free crochet pattern

Fisherman jacket free crochet patternUsing Yellow yarn start with chaining 27,
R1. sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each remaining ch, turn (26 turning chains are not counted)
R2. ch1, inc, sc x2, ch5 and skip the next 5 sts, sc x4, inc x2, sc x4, ch5 and skip 5 sts, sc x2, inc, turn (30)
R3. ch1, inc, sc x3, sc x5 along the ch sts, inc, sc x10, inc, sc x5 along ch sts, sc x3,
inc, turn (34)
R4. ch1, inc, sc x12, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x12, inc, turn (38)
R5. ch1, inc, sc x36, inc, turn (40)
R6. ch1, inc, sc x38, inc, turn (42)
R7. ch1, sc x10, inc, sc x20, inc, sc x10, turn (44)
R8. ch1, sc in each st, turn (44)
R9. ch1, sc x11, inc, sc x20, inc, sc x11, turn (46)
R10.-R12. ch1, sc in each st, turn (46 for 3 rows)
R13. ch1, sc in each st, continue on to edge from here (46)

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Working the edge and lapels

sc in the same st as last worked to turn the corner to work up the side edge, sc x8 along the side edge around the end posts of each row, hdc around the next row edge, dc around next, [dc, ch2, sl st] around the next row edge, [sl st, ch4, dc] around next row edge, dc around top row edge, dc x26 along the top of jacket working in the other side of the starting chain, dc around the top post of other edge, [dc, ch4, sl st] around the next row edge down, [sl st, ch2, dc] around next row edge, dc around next, hdc around next, sc x9 along the rest of edge, sl st to join to next st of the bottom hem, fasten off and weave in ends.

Working the sleeves

Hold the jacket upside down, neck line to the bottom. Join yarn to post of sc to the right of the armhole. The sleeves are worked in joined rounds, first ch1 does not count as a stitch.
R1. sc around the post you joined to, sc x5 along the stitches of the armhole, sc around the post on the left side of armhole, sc x5 along the other side of ch5 made in R2., sl st into first sc to join (12)
R2.-R7. ch1, sc in each st, sl st into first sc join (12 for 6 rounds)
R8. ch1, sc x5, inc, sc x5, inc, sl st into first sc join (14)
R9.-R10. ch1, sc in each st, sl st into first sc join (14 for 2 rounds)
Repeat for the other armhole, joining your yarn to the same place, right of armhole with jacket upside down. Fold up the last 3 rows.

Fisherman hat free crochet pattern

Fisherman gonk free crochet patternWork this piece in continuous rounds using a stitch marker to keep your starting point. To fit comfortably over the hair, start the hat with a hook half a size bigger than you used for the body.
Using Yellow yarn, start with a magic ring,

R1. sc into ring 6 times (6)
R2. inc in each st (12)
R3. sc, inc – 6 times (18)
R4. sc in each st (18)
R5. sc x2, inc – 6 times (24)
R6.-R7. sc in each st (24 for 2 rounds)
R8. sc x3, inc – 6 times (30)
R9.-R10. sc in each st (30 for 2 rounds)
R11. Work this round in the front loops only.

Fisherman gonk free crochet patternsc x4, inc – 6 times, sl st into the first st to join this round (36)
R12. Now change your hook to the same size you used for the body. Work in both loops and continuously again.
sc x3, inc, *sc x5, inc,* repeat between * 4 more times, sc x2 (42)
R13. sc x6, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x6, inc, sc x3, hdc x3, 2hdc, dc x6, 2hdc, hdc x3, sc x3, inc (48)
R14. sc x3, inc, *sc x7, inc,* repeat between * 4 more times, sc x4, sl st into next to join. Fasten off and weave in your ends. (54)
The hat is worn with the dc stitches towards the back.

Pilot Doll Crochet PatternCongratulations!
You have completed the Fisherman Gonk free crochet pattern

Meet Pilot Gonk, part of the Transport Gonks pack!

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